“I Think of a Robot World With Neutron Decay” : Bailter Space

Bailter Space

“As The Gordons in the early ’80s, “When they played at the same size venue as Motörhead they required four extra P.A. sound systems,” according to Everett True of Melody Maker.”

“Towards the end of a two hour set at Indigo Bar in Wellington, New Zealand in 1998, approximately a dozen police entered the bar and stopped the concert because it was too loud and breached local noise control regulations.”

Evolving from the early 1980’s post punk band The Gordons Christchurch, New Zealand’s atmospheric noise rock band Nelsh Bailter Space (eventually shortened to just Bailter Space) was formed in 1986 by ex-Gordons guitarist Alister Parker, Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour, ex-Pin Group bassist Ross Humphries and Glenda Bills. Following the release of their debut EP, Nelsh Bailter Space on New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records Humphries and Bills left the group. Ex-Gordons bassist John Halvorsen then joined the group just in time to record 1988’s full-length Tanker. Following a tour in support of the album Kilgour left to join the re-formed Clean on a permanent basis. He was replaced by ex-Gordons drummer Brent McLachlan.

While at first glance they might appear similar to Sonic Youth the difference was that Bailter Space never seemed quite as interested in accessibility.

The group’s sound is marked by extremely high volume, distortion and feedback, harmonics, and the use of sampling. Vocals tend to be treated as simply another instrument, and are often buried in the background.

A subtle layer of white noise/ feedback generally bathes each song… adding to their dreamy-yet-nightmarish feel.”

Robot World, released on Matador Records was the group’s first release on an American label. Described as “curiously cold” Robot World hints at MBV’s influential re-interpretations of rock, lo-fi experimentalism and punk-style thrash.




“Nelsh” Bailter Space (12″) (Flying Nun) 1987
“Grader Spader” Tanker (7″) (Flying Nun) 1988
“Shine”/”The Unseen” (7″) (Clawfist) 1992
“The Aim”/”We Know” (7″) (Flying Nun) 1992
“Splat”/”At Five” & “Fascination” (7″) (Flying Nun) 1995
“Capsule”/”Argonaut” Capsul (7″) (Turnbuckle) 1997


Tanker (LP, CD) (Flying Nun) 1988
Thermos (LP, CD) (Flying Nun) 1990
The Aim (CD, EP, Maxi) (Matador/Flying Nun) 1992
B.E.I.P. (CD, EP, Maxi) (Matador/Flying Nun) 1993
Robot World (LP, CD) (Matador/Flying Nun) 1993
Vortura (LP, CD) (Matador/Flying Nun) 1994
Wammo (LP, CD) (Matador/Flying Nun) 1995
Capsul (CD, Digipack) (Turnbuckle) 1997
The Photon EP (CD, EP, Maxi) (Turnbuckle) 1998
Solar.3 (EP) (Turnbuckle) 1999
Bailter Space (CD) (Flying Nun) 2004

Tracks Appear On:

“Grader Spader” In Love With These Times (CD, LP) (Flying Nun) 1989
“Skin” Getting Older 1981-1991 (CD, Cass) (Flying Nun, Festival Records) 1989
“Glimmer DotDope-Guns-‘N-Fucking In The Streets Volume Nine (2×7″) (Amphetamine Reptile Records) 1994
“X” The Trip 4 (CD) (Warner Music New Zealand) 1994
“Splat” Extra Cheese (CD, Sampler, Promo) (Matador) 1995
“Splat” Pop Eyed (CD) (Flying Nun) 1996
“Glimmer Dot” Dope Guns ‘N Fucking In The Streets Volumes 8-11 (CD) (Amphetamine Reptile Records) 1997
“Splat” What’s Up Matador (2xCD) (Matador) 1997
“Grader Spader”, “Fish Eye” In Love With These Times / Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps (2xCD) (Flying Nun) 2004
“Splat” Second Season – Flying Nun DVD II
(DVD) (Flying Nun) 2004
“Splat (NYC Version)” 25 Years (4xCD, Ltd, RM, Box) (Flying Nun) 2006

Robot World

Playing Time: 45 minutes 8 seconds

Bailter Space - Robot World

1. Begin (3:35)
2. Robot World (4:19)
3. Morning (4:04)
4. Be on Time (5:14)
5. Fascination (1:48)
6. Ore (3:33)
7. Get Lost (6:02)
8. EIP (3:59)
9. Orbit (4:04)
10. Make (3:35)
11. Remain (4:55)

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One response to ““I Think of a Robot World With Neutron Decay” : Bailter Space

  1. Wow! I have been looking for this for ages, has been out of print. Thank you so much for posting this, you have an awesome site and great music. Cheers. (I’m from Christchurch BTW, just discovered this band recently.

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