Waiting For the Lions: Number One Cup

Number One Cup

Whether they were “Waiting on the Lions” or searching for the “Astronaut” Chicago’s Number One Cup with their blend of guitar-based pop, distortion, melodic song writing and three distinctive vocalists often found themselves favorably compared to Pavement, Superchunk, GBV and the Flaming Lips.

Formed in 1993 by guitarist Seth Cohen (ex-Eliot) the band also included guitarist Pat O’Connell and drummer Michael Lenzi. Their first single, “Connecticut”, was released in 1994. To fill out their live sound Cohen’s former Eliot band mate John Przyborowski filled in on bass until the band recruited Jenni Synder. Shortly after the group released 1994’s, “Indie Softcore Denial”, Synder left the band. A trio once again they signed with Flydaddy Records who released their debut full-length, 1995’s, Possum Trot Plan. Needing a bassist Pat “Tiger” Reis briefly joined the band, but it didn’t work out so Przyborowski once again filled in, eventually joining the band full time. In 1998 the group recorded their third full length, People People Why Are We Fighting?, but before the band could tour in support of it Cohen broke his neck playing hockey. The band ended up hosting a record release party where twelve Chicago bands played cover versions of the album’s new songs. Shortly afterwards Przyborowski left the band and was replaced by Kurt Volk.




“Connecticut” (7″) (Sweet Pea Records) 1994
“Indie Softcore Denial” (7″) (Sweet Pea Records) 1994
“The Monkey Song” (7″, CD Single) (Sweet Pea Records) 1995
“Malcolm’s X-Ray Picnic” (7″) (Derivative Records) 1996
“The Tongue Of 2 A.M.” Red Red Meat / Number One Cup Split (7″) (Flydaddy Records) 1996
“Smile, It’s Sugar” The Money Pit – Volume 1 (7″) (The Blue Rose Record Company)
“Ease Back Down/Paris” (7″) (The Blue Rose Record Company) 1996
“Just Let Go” (7″, CD Single) (The Blue Rose Record Company) 1996
“Remote Control” (7″, CD Single) (Flydaddy Records)


Possum Trot Plan (LP, CD) (Flydaddy Records) 1995
Divebomb (CD, Maxi) (The Blue Rose Record Company) 1996
Kim Chee Is Cabbage (CD, EP) (Flydaddy Records) 1996
Wrecked By Lions (CD) (Flydaddy Records) 1997
People People Why Are We Fighting? (CD) (Cooking Vinyl) 1999

Tracks Appear On:

“Divebomb” Shine 4 (CD) (PolyGram TV) 1996
“Malcolm’s X-Ray Picnic” CMJ New Music Monthly, “Volume 46: June 1997 (CD) 1997
“Malcolm’s X-Ray Picnic” Rock Sound Volume 9 (CD, Sampler) (Rock Sound) 1997
“Remote Control” Rock Sound Volume 5 (CD, Sampler, Promo) (Rock Sound) 1999
“What Does It Mean?” Delicatessen One: 18 Delicious Creations From the Cooking Vinyl Kitchen (Cooking Vinyl) 2000
“Here” Everything Is Ending Here: A Tribute to Pavement (CD) (Homesleep Records) 2003

Possum Trot Plan

Playing Time: 45 minutes 7 seconds

Possum Trot Plan

1. Birth of a Gasser (0:22)
2. Just Let Go (2:37)
3. Autumn Lover (3:02)
4. No Particular Style (2:49)
5. ‘Til Tuesday (0:52)
6. Aspirin Burns (2:18)
7. Outboard Motors (2:30)
8. Why Did You Piss Yourself? (0:25)
9. Strange & Silent Staircase (2:48)
10. Static (3:08)
11. Divebomb (3:17)
12. Pocket (2:54)
13. Seminar for Backward Pupils (2:50)
14. Let Me Know (0:25)
15. Patch Kit (1:41)
16. Apple Cider (2:31)
17. Lustrous Poppies (2:02)
18. Ohio Arts (1:23)
19. She Plays the Numbers (4:20)
20. & Nico (2:53)

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Wrecked By Lions

Playing Time: 42 minutes 28 seconds

Wrecked By Lions

1. Ease Back Down (2:27)
2. Backlit (2:19)
3. Chisel (0:50)
4. Paris (2:05)
5. Bright Orange Fireball Sun (2:16)
6. The Black Choppers Cry (2:26)
7. Astronaut (3:51)
8. Waiting on the Lions (3:45)
9. Maybe There’s a Thread (2:21)
10. Treesong (3:33)
11. Concordia (2:21)
12. Malcolm’s X-Ray Picnic (2:44)
13. Flickers & Flames (2:08)
14. So Inclined (5:38)
15. Three Miles From Talent (3:44)

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