A Case of Mistaken Identity

Two of the three bands featured here have dopplegangers. From New York City we have the hardcore group Unsane, and from Long Island we have hardcore metal rockers The Unsane. There is also more than one group named Shallow, but the group here hails from Kansas.

The genesis of Shallow begins in the small town of DeSoto Kansas in 1988 when two 14 year olds, bass guitarist Jason Shields and guitarist Ryan Newton, begin playing together. Several years later Jason would meet his future wife, Julie, and the group Shallow was born when she was hired by Jason and Ryan as the lead singer. With the addition of Stephen Kretsinger on drums the group became a quartet. Playing around Kansas the group’s distinctive sound

“lush melodies and the waifish, girlish singing of Julie Shields contrast with dissonant and noisy guitars”

helped the band to acquire a small following. Signed to Zero Hour Records the group released several eps before recording 1995’s 3-D Stereo Trouble and 1997’s High Flyin’ Kid Stuff. In 1999 they released the full-length Jumping Away From Something Exploding on Devil in the Woods Records.

Transplanted from Syracuse New York to New York City’s lower east side

“Surgery was a scummy, no-holds-barred, blues-drenched post-hardcore band

and “unreconstructed adherents to the rock’n’roll lifestyle — from free-flowing recreational intoxicants to daily doses of penicillin as preventive medicine.”

Signed to the Amphetamine Reptile label, the band, Sean McDonnell (vocals), Scott Kleber (guitar), John Lachapelle (bass), and John Leamy (drums) made their full-length debut in 1991 with Nationwide. The blues influenced six-song Trim, 9th Ward High Roller followed two years later.

In the wake of the major label signings of Nirvana and Helmet they signed with Atlantic Records who released 1994’s Shimmer. Their only brush with mainstream fame came when MTV’s 120 Minutes program played that album’s “Off the A-List” a couple times.

Following Sean McDonnell’s fatal asthma attack in January 1995 the band chose to disband.



The Unsane

Inverted Crosses (New Rennaisance) 1987
Inverted Crosses (New Rennaisance) 1988
Slap of Reality (New Rennaisance) 1991



“Not Going Down / Blow Her Face” (7″) Amphetamine Reptile
“Feedback / Fried” (7″) Amphetamine Reptile
“Little Debbie” (7″, Col) Amphetamine Reptile
“Little Debbie” (CD, Single) Amphetamine Reptile Europe


Soul Eater EP (Circuit, Glitterhouse) 1989
Nationwide (Amphetamine Reptile) 1990
Trim, 9th Ward High Roller EP (Amphetamine Reptile) 1993
Shimmer (Atlantic) 1994

Tracks Appear On:

“Dance” Crunchhouse (LP) (Glitterhouse Records) 1989
“Action Candy” Dope Guns ‘N Fucking In The Streets Volume 1-3 (CD) (Amphetamine Reptile) 1989
“Action Candy” Dope Guns ‘N Fucking In The Streets Volume 1-3 (LP, CD, Sampler) (Amphetamine Reptile Europe) 1989
“Action Candy” Dope Guns ‘N Fucking In The Streets Volume 3 (7″) (Amphetamine Reptile) 1989
“Maliblues” Dope-Guns’ & F*cking Up Your Video Deck Volume One (VHS, NTSC) (Amphetamine Reptile, Atavistic Video) 1990
“Losida Slide” Endangered Species (6×7″ + Box) (Glitterhouse Records) 1990
“Bronto” Ugly American Overkill (CD, LP) (Amphetamine Reptile Europe) 1991
“A.K.!” Ugly American Overkill Tour E. P. (7″, EP) (Amphetamine Reptile Records) 1991
“Dear Sweet Laura”, “D-Nice” Amphetamine Reptile • Peel Sessions (CD) (Dutch East India Trading) 1992
“Dear Sweet Laura”, “D-Nice” Amphetamine Reptile • Peel Sessions (10″) (Strange Fruit) 1992
“Little Debbie” Dope Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck Volume 2 (VHS, NTSC) (Amphetamine Reptile, Atavistic Video) 1992
“Our Demise” Smells Like Smoked Sausages (2×7″) (Sub Pop Records) 1992
“Kickin Around” AmRep 1993 Sampler (CD) (Amphetamine Reptile) 1993
“Little Girl” Jabberjaw Compilation – Good To The Last Drop (CD) (Mammoth Records) 1994


I Wonder (7″) (Ochre Records)
3-D Stereo Trouble (Zero Hour Records) 1995
The Sonic Boom Remixes (10″, Yel) (Zero Hour Records) 1995
Cd Laser Lens Cleaner (CD) ( Zero Hour Records) 1996
High Flyin’ Kid Stuff (CD, Album) (Zero Hour Records) 1997
Jumping Away From Something Exploding (Devil in the Woods) 1999

Tracks Appear On:

“Santa Claus, You Broke My Heart” A Christmas Present for You From Zero Hour (CD) (Zero Hour) 1995
“I Love You” Full House Spring ’96 Sampler (CD) 1996
“Missle Command”, “Studio 54” On the House – A Taste of Zero Hour (CD) (Zero Hour) 1997
“Sugar Glider” Rise 13: Magick Rock, Volume 1 (CD) 1999
“Anatomy of a Giant” Doomed (CD) (This Dark Reign) 2000
“Eight Minutes to the Sun” 21st Century Media Blitz, Volume 2 (CD) (Century Media) 2001
“Jumping Away From Something Exploding” Cleaning House (Devil in The Woods)
“Moonchild” Slave to the Power: The Iron Maiden Tribute (CD) (Meteor City Records) 2000
“Auto Body Crusher” Rock Hits (Sonic Unyon)
“Blowhole”, “Odd” …Not If I Smell You First (Sonic Unyon)

The Unsane – Slap of Reality

Playing Time: 26 minutes 28 seconds

Slap of Reality

1. Intimidation of Your Brain (3:25)
2. Crack House (2:50)
3. Mexican Cult Song (3:16)
4. Darkest Corners of Your Mind (3:04)
5. Next Left Eternal Rest (2:34)
6. Crazier Than Grandma (2:36)
7. The Quiet Room (2:20)
8. Subliminal Hell (3:48)
9. My Life Sucks (2:35)


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Surgery – Shimmer (1994)

Playing Time: 45 minutes 21 seconds


1. Bootywhack (2:57)
2. Off the A-List (4:52)
3. Shimmer (2:17)
4. Vibe Out (4:01)
5. Mr. Scientist (2:53)
6. Low Cut Blues (6:40)
7. D-Nice (4:12)
8. Gulf Coast Score (4:57)
9. Nilla Waif (3:25)
10. Didn’t I Know You Once (3:34)
11. No. 1 Pistola (5:33)

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Shallow – 3-D Stereo Trouble (1995)

Playing Time: 48 minutes 51 seconds

3_D Stereo Trouble

1. Just Like Me (3:55)
2. Low Again (2:29)
3. Cool 500 (2:03)
4. * (0:56)
5. Leaving (3:19)
6. I Wonder (4:44)
7. * (0:49)
8. Solar Spoon (5:31)
9. Rhumba Box (2:01)
10. * (0:50)
11. Next To You (2:02)
12. Falling (3:44)
13. Just For Today (3:01)
14. * (1:09)
15. Eighty-Foor Glyde (3:43)
16. Til Tomorrow (6:23)
17. Seedy Bonus Track (2:12)

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