Love-pop Minimalists

The Vaselines

Formed in Edinburgh in 1987 by singers/guitarists Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee The Vaselines might have remained relative unknowns except for their championing by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

With the addition of Charles Kelly (Eugene’s brother) on drums and James Seenan on bass the group signed with Stephan Pastel’s upstart record label 53rd and 3rd. The group’s first ever studio session yielded their debut single, 1987’s “Son Of A Gun.” With the addition of viola player Sophie Pragnell the follow-up, “Dying for It,” appeared a year later.

The failure of 53rd and 3rd proved fatal to the group and they disbanded the same week their lone studio full length, Dum Dum was released. In 1990 the original group briefly reunited to open for Nirvana in Edinburgh.

Nirvana covered the Vaselines’ “Molly’s Lips” and “Son of a Gun” and performed “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” on their MTV Unplugged appearance; and the 1992 Sub Pop release of The Way of the Vaselines which compiles all 19 of their official recordings also helped to spur renewed interest in the band. England’s The Pooh Sticks and Travis would also cover “Dying For It.”

Eugene Kelly went on to front the band Captain America, which, after releasing two singles abandoned its name under threat of legal action from Marvel Comics, and adopted his nickname, Eugenius, instead.

Those albums are not that far removed from the way of the Vaselines, except for their production, with their thickly laid-on spread of guitar and harmony vocals.

A NOTE: The Way of The Vaselines: A Complete History is from a tape. I’ve spent the bette part of two years ripping my cds; now I felt it was time to start on the tapes. It’s certainly a little bit harder than inserting a cd and having Exact Audio Copy work it’s magic. I ripped to wave files originally and then converted them to mp3s using dbPowerAmp. I think that it came out well, hopefully you’ll agree.




Son Of A Gun (12″) (53rd & 3rd) 1987
Son Of A Gun (12″) (Toma Toma Records) 1988
Dying For It (53rd & 3rd) 1988
Dum Dum (53rd & 3rd) 1990
The Way Of The Vaselines: A Complete History (Sub Pop Records) 1992
All The Stuff And More (CD, LP, Pic) (53rd & 3rd) 1992


The Vaselines/Beat Happening (Live) (Cass) (K Records) 1991


“Dying For It” Formula One Generation (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1990
“Dying For It” Trade Mark Of Quality (LP, S/Sided, Etch) (Fierce Recordings) 1991
“Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” MTV Unplugged In New York (LP) (Geffen Records) 1994
“Teenage Superstar” GOSH! (CD) (Constrictor) 1988
“Dying For It” Indie Top 20 Volume V – Spirit Of Independents (Beechwood Music) 1988
“Dying For It” Good Feeling (LP) (53rd & 3rd) 1989
“Rory Rides Me Raw” Afternoon Delight! (Sub Pop Records) 1992
“You Think You’re A Man” 80 Y Pop (CD, Promo) (Contraseña Records) 1998
“You Think You’re A Man” Ochenta Y Pop (Contraseña Records) 1998
“Molly’s Lips” Gimme Indie Rock, Vol. 1 (K-Tel) 2000
“Molly’s Lips” Kurt’s Choice (CD) (New Musical Express) 2004
“Molly’s Lips” Rough Trade Shops – Indiepop 1 (2xCD) (Mute Records Ltd.) 2004
“Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 37: Boys Will Be Girls: The Roots of Britpop ( Rolling Stone Germany) 2004
“Molly’s Lips” Twee as Fuck: The Joy of Kittenhood (Bootleg) 2005
“Son of a Gun” 53rd & 3rd: Fun While It Lasted
“Son of a Gun” One Too Twee: An Indiepop Retrospective (Bootleg)
“Son of a Gun” Kurt Cobain: About a Son (Sound Track) (Barsuk Records) 2007


Wow! EP (UK Paperhouse) 1991
Flame On EP (UK Paperhouse) 1992


Oomalama (Fire/Atlantic) 1992
Caesar’s Vein (Creation Records) 1993
Mary Queen of Scots (Atlantic) 1994
Easter Bunny (August Records)
Oomalama & Tireless Wireless (Eugenius Radio Sessions) (Fire Records) 2003

Eugene Kelly

Man Alive (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 2005

The Way of The Vaselines: A Complete History

Playing Time: 53 minutes 59 seconds

A Complete History

1. Son of a Gun (3:38)
2. Rory Rides Me Raw (2:23)
3. You Think You’re a Man (5:35)
4. Dying For It (2:21)
5. Molly’s Lips (1:39)
6. Teenage Superstars (3:24)
7. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (3:28)
8. Sex Sux (Amen) (3:08)
9. Slushy (1:53)
10. Monsterpussy (1:41)
11. Bitch (2:39)
12. No Hope (3:16)
13. Oliver Twisted (2:48)
14. The Day I Was a Horse (1:27)
15. Dum-Dum (1:54)
16. Hairy (1:46)
17. Lovecraft (5:34)
18. Dying For It (The Blues) (3:06)
19. Let’s Get Ugly (2:19)

The Way of The Vaselines: A Complete History (Part 1)

The Way of The Vaselines: A Complete History (Part 2)

Buy The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History from

Mary Queen of Scots

Playing Time: 51 minutes 17 seconds

Eugenius - Mary Queen of Scots

1. Pebble/Shoe (3:23)
2. On The Breeze (3:16)
3. Blue Above The Rooftops (3:00)
4. The Moon’s A Balloon (4:53)
5. Mary Queen of Scots (5:00)
6. Easter Bunny (5:27)
7. Let’s Hibernate (3:41)
8. Friendly High (4:49)
9. River Clyde Song (3:10)
10.Tongue Rock (2:39)
11. Home Sick (4:34)
12. Fake Digit (4:17)
13. Love. Bread. and Beers (3:08)

Mary Queen of Scots (Part 1)

Mary Queen of Scots (Part 2)

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