Putting a Little Pop (Sub-Pop That Is) In Your Christmas Stocking

As Motown Records was to Detroit so was / is Sub Pop Records to Seattle. From it’s humble beginnings in 1979 as the fanzine “Subterranean Pop” by the late 1980s, early 1990s, Sub Pop Records helped to launch a new musical genre… grunge; made the city of Seattle the musical center of the rock world, and in the process managed to kill the careers of many of the hair-metal bands that up until then had dominated the air waves.

Originally started in 1979 by Bruce Pavitt as the fanzine “Subterranean Pop” by 1986 he was releasing the first Sub Pop LP, the compilation “Sub Pop 100” ; while 1987 saw the release of the Dry as a Bone” EP by Green River.

Kim Thayil of Soundgarden introduced Pavitt to Jonathan Poneman and the two decided to form a record label. With several local bands signed to the label “Pavitt and Poneman worked to popularize the music to popularize their label.”

Their first step was the creation of the Sub Pop Singles Club a subscription service that allowed subscribers to receive monthly singles by local bands. The first release of the Singles Club was Nirvana’s “Love Buzz/Big Cheese”, in November 1988.

While they achieved fame in the 1990’s for first signing Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and other local Seattle bands; and for taking the first steps in popularizing grunge music; they’ve also found success in the 2000’s with indie pop bands The Postal Service and The Shins.

A partial roster of artists who were / are signed to Sub Pop or released an album on Sub Pop over the years includes:

5ive Style


Screaming Trees

A Frames

Green Magnet School

Scud Mountain Boys

Afghan Whigs

Green River


All night radio




Heather Duby


Babes in Toyland


Six Finger Satellite

Band of Horses

Heroic Doses


Baptist Generals


Smashing Pumpkins

Beachwood Sparks

Hot Hot Heat

Sonic Youth

Beat Happening

Iron & Wine


Big Chief



Billy Childish

Jason Loewenstein


Blood Circus

Jennifer Gentle

Steve Fisk

Boyd Rice

Jeremy Enigk

Sunny Day Real Estate

Bright Eyes

Julie Doiron


Broken Girl

Kelley Stoltz


CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)


Tall Birds

Cat Butt


Ten Minute Warning

Chad VanGaalen

Les Thugs

The Album Leaf

Chappaquiddick Skyline

Loney, Dear

The Black Halos

Chemistry Set


The Brunettes


Love as Laughter

The Catheters

Chris and Carla


The Constantines


Lubricated Goat

The Dwarves

Combustible Edison

Mark Lanegan

The Elected

Comets on Fire

Michael Yonkers

The Evil Tambourines

Cosmic Psychos


The Fastbacks

Courtney Fortune

Modest Mouse

The Grifters

Damien Jurado


The Hardship Post

Damon & Naomi


The Helio Sequence

David Cross


The Jesus and Mary Chain

Dead Moon

Oxford Collapse

The Makers

Death Cab for Cutie

Pedro the Lion

The Murder City Devils

Death Vessel

Pernice Brothers

The Postal Service

Dinosaur Jr


The Shins


Pissed Jeans

The Spinanes


Pleasure Forever

The Supersuckers

Elevator Through


The Thermals

Elevator to Hell

Poison 13

The Tyde

Eric Matthews


The Walkabouts

Eric’s Trip

Radio Birdman

The White Stripes

Flight of The Conchords


The Wipers


Red House Painters

Thee Headcoats


Red Red Meat

Trembling Blue Stars

Friends of Dean Martinez

Rein Sanction

Ugly Casanova

Fruit Bats

The Reverend Horton Heat



Rogue Wave

Velocity Girl

Gas Huffer

Rosie Thomas

Wolf Eyes



Wolf Parade


Saint Etienne



Curtis W. Pitts: Sub Pop Employee Of The Month

Playing time: 56 minutes 37 seconds



Curtis W. Pitts Sub Pop Employee Of The Month

1. Sebadoh – Sacred Attention (2:48)
2. Velocity Girl – Crazy Town (3:47)
3. Big Chief – One Born Every Minute (5:26)
4. Pond – Cinders (4:47)
5. Eric’s Trip – Blue Sky For Julie \ Smother (4:03)
6. Pigeonhed – Ain’t It So (6:26)
7. Hazel – Truly (6:02)
8. Reverend Horton Heat – 400 Bucks (3:08)
9. Supersnazz – Uncle Wiggly (2:50)
10. Les Thugs – Flags (2:36)
11. Six Finger Satellite – Funny Like A Clown (3:43)
12. Sebadoh – Show Snippets (11:01)



Buy Curtis W. Pitts Sub Pop Employee Of The Month from Amazon.com



The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions 1989 – 1993

Playing time: 37 minutes 28 seconds



The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions 1989 - 1993



1. John Peel – Greetings from John Peel (0:10)
2. Mudhoney – By Her Own Hand (3:17)
3. Mudhoney – Here Comes Sickness (3:34)
4. Mudhoney – You Make Me Die (1:37)
5. Tad – Helot (1:55)
6. Seaweed – Sit in Glass (2:19)
7. Seaweed – She Cracked (2:07)
8. Pond – You Pretty Thing (3:06)
9. Pond – Cinders (4:15)
10. Velocity Girl – Here Comes (4:05)
11. Velocity Girl – Always (3:01)
12. Velocity Girl – Crazy Town (3:51)
13. Codeine – Broken-Hearted Wine (4:11)



Buy The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions 1989 – 1993 from Sub Pop.com



That Virtua Feeling (Sub Pop and Sega Get Together) (Promo)

Playing time: 36 minutes 49 seconds



That Virtua Feeling (Sub Pop and Sega Get Together)



1. Supersuckers – Marie (3:28)
2. Plexi – Caught Up (2:30)
3. Red Red Meat – Chain Chain Chain (3:47)
4. The Fastbacks – I Know (4:23)
5. Sunny Day Real Estate – Theodore B. (3:07)
6. Eric Matthews – Fanfare (2:56)
7. Velocity Girl – Finest Hour (3:01)
8. Pond – Sundial (4:21)
9. Six Finger Satellite – Parlour Games (3:02)
10. The Hardship Post – Watchin You (1:57)
11. Teen Angels – Teen Dream (2:04)
12. Sebadoh – Rebound (2:13)


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