The Ropers

Founded in 1991 by University of Maryland students Doug Bailey (vocals) and Mike Hammel (guitar)indie rock/pop band The Ropers, like many other indie bands of the era, were inspired by Britian’s “shoegazer” bands, most notably Ride .

Recruiting drummer Alex Hacker (ex-Lily’s) and bassist Greg Pavlovcak they released their debut single, 1992’s “Sunbathe,” on Slumberland Records, soon followed by 1994’s I Don’t Mind EP. In early 1996 Hacker left the group and with new drummer Mike Donovan recorded their TeenBeat label debut The World Is Fire. The band would disband shortly there after.



Singles and EPS

“Sunbathe” (7″) (Slumberland) 1992
“Everyone Has A Secret Daydream” (Split 7″ w/ The Tribbles) (Brillant Records, Giant Pool Ball Records) 1994
“Pretty Quiet Song” The Ropers / Boyracer Tour Split (7″) I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record
“I Don’t Mind” (Slumberland) 1994
“Revolver” (Slumberland) 1995


All the Time (Slumberland) 1995
The World Is Fire (Teen Beat) 1997


The Ropers (Slumberland) 1994

Tracks Appear On:

“Blue Sunday” , “Drive”Why Popstars Can’t Dance (2xLP,CD ) (Slumberland Records) 1994
“Jumping Someone Else’s Train”Give Me The Cure (CD) (Radiopaque Recordings, Corduroy Records) 1995


All the Time

Playing Time: 47 minutes 26 seconds


The Ropers - All the Time (front)

The Ropers - All the Time (back)








1. Revolver (3:01)
2. Flashlight (3:53)
3. Rain (3:44)
4. You Have a Light (5:07)
5. Drive (7:12)
6. Chained (4:52)
7. Blind (2:34)
8. Spider Web (2:26)
9. Tried (3:50)
10. Mystery Girl (6:15)
11. [Drive reprise] (4:32)

Buy All the Time from Slumberland Records

The World is Fire

Playing Time: 22 minutes 12 seconds

The World is Fire

1. Drink You Up (3:03)
2. Please Understand (2:51)
3. Take Your Time (2:47)
4. Home (4:01)
5. Paste (2:14)
6. These Days (4:12)
7. Dawn (3:04)

Buy The World is Fire from


3 responses to “The Ropers

  1. Man, The World Is Fire will always be one of my personal favorite albums of any band. You can definitely hear the Ride influence.

    I wish more people knew about them but then again, I guess they’ll remain a little secret for those of us that love them.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about wishing more people knew about The Ropers, but with sheer volume of music released every year probably 99% of it just falls through the cracks. Unless you live in an area with a good college radio station with a decent signal this isn’t the type of group you’re ever going to hear while out cruising around in your car (of course with the price of gas who can afford to just cruise around). So for the time being I guess they’ll remain our little secret. In the end thank god for the bloggers who take the time to at least expose these unknown/under known and/or forgotten groups to hopefully a much wider audience.

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