Melting Hopefuls

Melting Hopefuls


Formed in 1990 by singer/guitarist Renee LoBue and drummer/producer Ray Ketchem, bassist Sue Kresge and electric guitarist Max Siebel the Melting Hopefuls music is a blend of “pretty pop, rambunctious noise, precious poetry and generic post-punk.”

Playing local NYC / NJ clubs and recording in their rehearsal/recording space in suburban New Jersey the group released the demo tape Prune Juice in 1991, following it with Magnet for Stains in 1992 and Heal Back Harder in 1993.

Signed to Philadelphia’s indie label Big Pop they recorded their debut record, Space Flyer over the course of 1992 and 1993, thought the album wouldn’t come out until 1994.

Well reviewed and with the wry single “Pulling an All-Nighter on Myself” receiving a fair amount of alternative radio airplay the group went back into the studio and recorded the eight song ep Viva la Void. That would be the groups last album as Siebel, Kresge, and third guitarist Lorraine Turi left the group.

Following a period of inactivity LoBue and Ketchem recruited guitarist Peter Langland-Hassan in 1997 and formed the group Elk City.



Prune Juice EP [tape] (no label) 1991
Magnet for Stains EP [tape] (no label) 1992
Heal Back Harder EP [tape] (no label) 1993
Space Flyer (bigPoP/Shanachie) 1994
Viva la Void [EP](bigPoP) 1995


Alternative Press: Indie-Gestion, Volume 2
Coolidge 50 (Coolidge Records) 1998
Homage: Lots of Bands Doing Descendents’ Songs (Coolidge Records) 1995

Space Flyer

Playing Time: 46 minutes 34 seconds

Melting Hopefuls - Space Flyer

1. Gondola (4:06)
2. Don’t Touch Me (4:32)
3. What She’s Wearing (3:48)
4. Coming (4:19)
5. Pulling An Allnighter On Myself (3:31)
6. Hanging (acoustic) (1:58)
7. Anchor (3:54)
8. Mouth (4:06)
9. Pulling My Hand (2:30)
10. Space Flyer (2:22)
11. Rise (6:33)
12. Johnny the Steamroller (3:00)
13. Let’s Cut This Angry Cord (1:55)

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Viva la Void EP

Playing Time: 26 minutes 2 seconds

Melting Hopeful - Viva la Void

1. White Light (2:05)
2. Turn on the Turn-Off (3:02)
3. Blackie (3:24)
4. She’s a Big Boy Now (2:57)
5. What Gets Me Up (3:31)
6. Oh. Davey (2:21)
7. Pulling an Allnighter on Myself [remix] (3:32)
8. Good Things (5:10)

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