No Musical Dead End: Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac

Unwilling poster children for the music genre “post rock” Boston based Cul de Sac has to a great decree shunned the alternative rock movement. Formed in the early 90’s by guitarist Glenn Jones the original group also consisted of multi-instrumentalist Robin Amos (The Girls), drummer Chris Guttmacher (Bullet La Volta) and bassist and filmmaker Chris Fujiwara. Later versions of the band would see Guttmacher replaced by Jon Proudman (Men & Volts) and Fujiwara replaced by Michael Bloom.

Primarily an instrumental group the foundation of their music rests on

the incantatory rhythms of Indian ragas, the complexities of avant-garde folk finger-picking, the cerebral excesses of ’70s prog, the bouncy reverb of surf rock, and the energy of experimental music.

Released on the independent Northeastern label their debut album 1991’s Ecim garnered for the group mostly European critical accolades. I Don’t Want to Go to Bed is a collection of rehearsal jams. Though lo-fi in nature this collection of “Krautrock-inspired dementia” also found critical praise. China Gate found the group collaborating with the legendary, cult experimental acoustic music pioneer John Fahey. They would further that collaboration on 1997’s The Ephiphany of Glenn Jones. Two tape-based pieces they recorded for those sessions would provide the inspiration for 2003’s Death of the Sun. Abhayamudra is live document of the time they spent touring as the backing band for ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki.



“His Teeth Got Lost In The Mattress” / “Doldrums” (7″) (Nuf Sed), 1992

“Sakhalin” / “Cant” (7″) (Shock) ,1992

“Frankie Machine” (7″) (Lunar Rotation), 1993

“Milk Devil” (7″) (New World of Sound), 1994

The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California (7″) (Earworm), 1999

Full Length

Ecim (CD) (Capella/Northeastern) 1991

China Gate (CD, Album) (Thirsty Ear) 1995

I Don’t Want To Go To Bed (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1995

I Don’t Want To Go To Bed (2xLP, Album) (Flying Nun Records) 1995

Crashes To Light, Minutes To Its Fall (CD) (Thirsty Ear) 1999

Immortality Lessons (CD) (Strange Attractors Audio House) 2002

Death Of The Sun (CD) (Strange Attractors Audio House) 2003

The Strangler’s Wife (CD)(Strange Attractors Audio House) 2003

Tracks Appear On:

“Sakhalin” 15 (CD) (Flying Nun Records) 1995

“Doldrums” Monsters, Robots & Bug Men – A User’s Guide To The Rock Hinterland (2xCD) (Virgin Records) 1996

“Into The Cone Of Gold” Succour The Terrascope Benefit Album (2xCD (Ptolemaic Terrascope / Flydaddy) 1996

“The Portland Cement Factory…” More Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm (2xCD) (Earworm) 2001

“I Remember Nothing More…” And The Beat Goes Off! (CD) (Tigerbeat6, Wire Magazine) 2002

“I Remember Nothing More…” Minesweeper Suite (CD) (Tigerbeat6) 2002

“I Remember Nothing More” Dead Man’s Shoes Soundtrack (CD) (Warp Records), 2004

“Our Puppet Selves” Dream Magazine #4 (CD) (Dream Magazine) 2004

“Berlin 6” The Wire Tapper 12 (2xCD, Album) (Wire Magazine) 2004

“Fenomenologia” / “Energia” What’s Your Function? (A Tribute To Franco Battiato) (CD) (Sillyboy) 2004

Cul de Sac and John Fahey

The Epiphany of Glenn Jones (Thirsty Ear) 1997

Cul de Sac and Knife in the Water

Ost (Harkit) 2003

Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki

Abhayamudra (Live)(2xCD)(Strange Attractors Audio House) 2004

Glenn Jones

This Is the Wind That Blows It Out – Solos for 6 & 12 String Guitar (Strange Attractors Audio House) 2004


Playing Time: 49 minutes 37 seconds

Cul de Sac-Ecim

1. Death Kit Train (6:55)

2. The Moon Scolds the Morning Star (4:43)

3. Stranger at Coney Island (1:55)

4. Homunculus (7:55)

5. The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith. California (4:12)

6. Nico’s Dream (5:45)

7. The Invisible Worm (4:16)

8. Song to the Siren (3:39)

9. Electar (5:02)

10. Lauren’s Blues (5:15)

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China Gate

Playing Time: 1 hour 4 minutes 52 seconds

Cul de Sac - China Gate

1. China Gate (1:11)

2. Skhalin (5:49)

3. Nepenthe (8:47)

4. Doldrums (5:45)

5. James Coburn (6:31)

6. Virgin Among Cannibals (2:09)

7. …his teeth got lost in the mattress… (3:07)

8. Hemispheric Events Command (6:15)

9. The Fourth Eye (11:37)

10. The Colomber (6:17)

11. China Gate (Reprise) (0:32)

12. Utopia Pkwy. (6:52)

China Gate Part 1 China Gate Part 2

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I Don’t Want to Go to Bed

Playing Time: 1 hour 16 minutes 19 seconds

Cul de Sac - I Don't Want to Go to Bed

1. Abandoned Hospital (10:45)

2. Doldrums (9:26)

3. Graveyard For Robots (11:32)

4.The Fraud Of Satisfaction (4:03)

5. Roses In The Wallpaper (5:49)

6. This Is The Metal That Do Not Burn (11:02)

7. Lower Hate. Massachusetts (2:16)

8.The Kim Parker Report (3:38)

9. Count Donut (5:10)

10. For Seasickness (5:39)

11. Lully’s Gangrene (6:59)

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed Part 1

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed Part 2

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