Creative Differences


For a brief moment at the beginning of the 1990’s they were one of England’s most exciting bands, recording on England’s hippest record label but tensions that made the band great also would eventually help to split the group asunder.

Their name taken from a song by Krautrockers Can (1973’s Future Days) Moonshake attempted to update that groups sense of artistry and experimentation for the 1990’s. Led by Dave Callahan, one time frontman for the C-86 group the Wolfhounds the group also consisted of, American ex-pat, vocalist Margaret Fiedler, bassist John Frenett and drummer Mig Morland.

The tensions that eventually tore the group apart existed between the group’s two front persons; Margaret Fiedler and Dave Callahan. Where Fiedler favored tranced-out grooves, Callahan favored “demonically enunciated tales of moral disintegration and urban squalor.” What they had in common was that both built their songs on “crashing, atonal samples.”

Within days of forming the group entered the studio to record their debut EP First for Creation Records. Leaving Creation Records for Too Pure the group released “Secondhand Clothes”, “Beautiful Pigeon” and their debut full length Eva Luna in 1992. Both singles found the group sound heavily influenced by the

“dub-bass-heavy post-punk sound of bands such as Public Image Limited and The Pop Group.”

and Eva Luna would earn the group positive reviews because of it’s sample-driven and rhythmically-propulsive sound.

Following the release of 1993’s Big Good Angel the band split in two. Fiedler and Frenett along with Eva Luna engineer Guy Fixsen formed Laika. Callahan and Mig as Moonshake and a host of guest musicians; PJ Harvey, Lee Howton and Claire Lemmon (Sidi Bou Said), Katharine Gifford (Stereolab / Snowpony), Johnny Dawe (Collapsed Lung) and Raymond Dickaty (Gallon Drunk) would release 1994’s The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow, an album completely made without guitars.

For the groups final album, 1996’s Dirty And Divine, the bands line-up consisted of Callahan, Mig, Gifford and Dickaty, newcomers Matt Brewer, Michael Rother, Kevin Bass and guest vocalists Tor and Mary Hansen of Stereolab.


Laika’s debut, 1995’s Silver Apples of the Moon, was recorded almost entirely at home by Fiedler and Fixsen, with some help from Frenett. On stage the group was augmented with the addition of percussionist Lou Ciccotelli and drummer Rob Ellis (ex-PJ Harvey). Except for several instrumentals and one song song by Fixsen Silver Apples is Fiedler’s show.

Still active as a group the band’s sound melds hip-hop, jazz, electronica, dub and Krautrock. Often compared to Stereolab their music also includes guitars, live drums and percussion along with samples.





“First EP” (Creation Records), 1991
“Secondhand Clothes” EP (Too Pure),1991
“Beautiful Pigeon” (Too Pure), 1992
“Lola Lola” b/w “Always True To You In My Fashion” (Clawfist Singles Club), 1995
“Cranes” (C/Z / World Domination), 1996


Eva Luna (Too Pure), 1992 (Matador-Atlantic), 1993
Big Good Angel (Mini-album) (Too Pure / Matador), 1993
The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow (Too Pure / American), 1994
Dirty And Divine (C/Z-BMG / World Domination), 1996)
Remixes (C/Z), 1997


“Beautiful Pigeon” Independent Top 20 Volume 15 , (Beechwood Music), 1992
“Just A Working Girl” Pop – Do We Not Like That? (Too Pure), 1994
“Nothing But Time” Volume 16 – Copulation Explosion , 1995



“Antenna EP” (Too Pure), 1994
“Breather EP” (Too Pure), 1997
“Uneasy” (Too Pure), 2000
“Black Cat Bone” (vinyl only 12″ single) (Too Pure), 2000
“Badtimes” (single) (Too Pure), 2000


Silver Apples of the Moon (Too Pure), 1994
Sounds of the Satellites (Too Pure), 1997
Good Looking Blues (Too Pure), 2000
Lost In Space – Volume 1 [1993-2002] (Too Pure), 2003
Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing (Too Pure), 2003


“If You Miss” (Laika Virgin mix) (Macro Dub Infection, Vol 1 ) (Gyroscope), 1995
“Lower Than Stars” (V/A Volume 12), 1995
“German Shepherds” (Whore: Various Artists Play Wire ), 1996
“Looking For The Jackalope” (from Beat Experience ), 1997
“Black Cat Bone” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Radio Sunnydale UK Version) (EMI International), 2003

Moonshake Eva Luna (1993)

Playing Time: 53 minutes 11 seconds

Moonshake - Eva Luna

1. City Poison (4:08)
2. Sweetheart (2:35)
3. Spaceship Earth (4:43)
4. Beautiful Pigeon (3:27)
5. Mugshot Heroine (4:40)
6. Wanderlust (4:43)
7. Tar Baby (3:24)
8. Seen and Not Heard (4:29)
9. Bleach and Salt Water (3:40)
10. Little Thing (3:31)
11. Secondhand Clothes (3:58)
12. Blister (3:31)
13. Drop in the Ocean (6:22)

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Moonshake The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow (1994)

Playing Time: 46 minutes 15 seconds

Moonshake - The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow

1. Joker John (4:48)
2. Your Last Friend In This Town (3:18)
3. Just A Working Girl (6:17)
4. The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow (1:59)
5. Ghosts of Good Intention (7:48)
6. We’re Making War (4:05)
7. Shadows of Tall Buildings (3:41)
8. Right to Fly (5:16)
9. The Grind (4:16)
10. Into Deep Neutral (4:47)

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Laika – Silver Apples of the Moon (1995)

Playing Time: 44 minutes

Laika - Silver Apples of the Moon

1. Sugar Daddy (5:25)
2. Marimba Song (5:15)
3. Let Me Sleep (4:26)
4. Itchy & Scratchy (0:55)
5. Coming Down Glass (4:57)
6. If You Miss (5:19)
7. 44 Robbers (4:16)
8. Red River (3:57)
9. Honey In Heat (4:24)
10. Thomas (3:26)
11. Spider Happy Hour (1:40)

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