Bringing Emo to the Masses

The Get Up Kids

Taking the rawness of mid 1990’s punk and polishing it’s rough edges; and then combining it with lyrics introspective and personal The Get Up Kids created songs that just begged for audience sing-a-longs when performed in concert. More importantly their success moved the genre of Emo from the small scenes where it then existed into the mainstream of public awareness.

Taking their name partly from the lyric “Suburban Get Up Kids” in a song by The Cure The Get Up Kids formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 1995. Originally the band consisted of Matthew Pryor (guitar/vocals), Jim Suptic (guitar/backup vocals and occasional lead vocals), Robert Pope on bass, and Nathan Shay on drums. Their debut record 1996’s “Shorty” b/w “The Breathing Method” 7″ was recorded and released with money Pryor and Suptic had saved up. Because he was reluctant to tour Nathan Shay was replaced by Robert Pope’s younger brother Ryan.

1997 saw the group signed to Doghouse Records who released both the Woodson ep and the group’s full length debut Four Minute Mile. With it’s instrumental hooks and pleading intimacy the cd created a buzz; and in the process became the signature sound of Midwestern indie-pop. Following the cds release the band spent the next two years touring with The Promise Ring , Braid and Jimmy Eat World .

In 1999 the group added keyboardist James Dewees; and after declining to sign with Mojo Records released Something to Write Home About on Vagrant Records (under their own imprint, Heroes & Villains ). Retaining the dramatic and introspective lyrics of Four Minute Mile Something to Write Home About found the band streamlining the sound of their debut into

“concise, visceral and downright loud synth-driven power pop”.

Critics gave the release uniformly good reviews and combined with the group’s debut album The Kids became the standard bearer for Emo. The album also helped to launch the genre into the general publics consciousness.

TGUK toured relentlessly in support of the album. Besides America they also toured Europe, Japan, and Australia with acts like Green Day , The Anniversary , Koufax, Hot Rod Circuit , and Weezer .

Consisting of b-sides, alternate takes, and covers released since the group’s formation 2001’s Eudora was released in anticipation of the band’s next album.

Produced by Scott Litt (R.E.M.) 2002’s On A Wire finds the group sound moving toward spare arrangements and a locked-in rhythm section. There is a noted difference in the lyrics as well. They abandon “hyper-sincere relationship dramas” in favor of more somber memories and moods.

In 2004 The Get Up Kids released their last studio album, the Ed Rose produced, Guilt Show. More upbeat than 2002’s On A Wire it sounds as if it’s a continuation of that album, rather then a return to the sound of Something to Write Home About.

After ten years together the Kids announced that they were calling it quits. Following a short national tour the group played their last show on July 2, 2005 at their home town’s Uptown Theater. The retrospective Live! @ The Granada Theater captures one of those last shows.

Even though The Get Up Kids have broken up the former band members are still busy making music. James Dewees records under the moniker of Reggie and the Full Effect , and has released four albums.

Matthew Pryor and Robert Pope are in the acoustic group The New Amsterdams and have released five albums on Vagrant Records. The band also records childrens music under the name of the The Terrible Twos.

Jim Suptic formed Blackpool Lights in 2004 with members of Creature Comfort and Ultimate Fakebook .

Robert Pope founded indie band White Whale and their debut albumWWI was released in 2006.



Singles, EPs and Split Releases

‘Shorty’ b/w ‘The Breathing Method’ 7″ (Huey Proudhon Records), 1996
‘Second Place’ b/w ‘Woodson’ 7″ (Doghouse), 1996
‘A Newfound Interest In Massachusetts’ b/w ‘Off The Wagon’ 7″ (Contrast Records), 1997
Split 7″ with Braid (Tree Records), 1997
Split 7″ with Coalesce (Second Nature Recordings), 1998
‘Ten Minutes’ b/w ‘Anne Arbour’ 7″(Sub-Pop Records), 1999
Woodson EP (Doghouse), 1999
Red Letter Day 10″/EP (Doghouse), 1999
Split 7″ with The Anniversary (Vagrant), 1999
‘Action and Action’ European CD-single (Epitaph Europe), 2000
Split 7″ with Rocket From the Crypt (Vagrant), 2001
‘Wouldn’t Believe It’ EP (Japan only) (Victor), 2002
‘iTunes Sessions’ Acoustic EP (Vagrant), 2004

Full-length Albums

Four Minute Mile (Doghouse), 1997
Something to Write Home About (Vagrant), 1999
Eudora (Vagrant), 2001
On a Wire (Vagrant), 2002
Guilt Show (Vagrant), 2004
Live! @ The Granada Theater (Vagrant), 2005


‘I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel’Post Marked Stamps (Tree Records), 1998
‘On With The Show’I Love Metal (Triple Crown Records), 1999
‘Alec Eiffel’Where Is My Mind: A Tribute to the Pixies (Glue Factory Records), 1999
‘Newfound Interest in Massachusetts’The Best Comp in the World (Fadeaway Records), 2000
‘Holiday’Vagrant Summer Sampler (Vagrant), 2000
‘Beer For Breakfast’ and ‘I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel’Another Year On The Streets (Vagrant) 2000
‘Central Standard Time’ and ‘Newfound Mass 2000’ – Another Year On The Streets: Volume 2 (Vagrant), 2001
‘Like A Man Possessed’ – Another Year On The Streets: Volume 3 (Vagrant), 2004
‘Lion And The Lamb’Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 (Fat Wreck Chords), 2004
‘Lion And The Lamb’Blue Collar Distro Sampler (Vagrant)



Playing Time: 12 minutes 46 seconds



1. Woodson (4:14)
2. Second place (2:22)
3. A Newfound Interest In Massachusetts (2:39)
4. Off The Wagon (3:31)

Buy Woodson from

Four Minute Mile

Playing Time: 34 minutes 51 seconds

Four Minute Mile

1. Coming Clean (2:07)
2. Don’t Hate Me (2:54)
3. Fall Semester (3:21)
4. Stay Gold. Ponyboy (2:55)
5. Lowercase West Thomas (1:59)
6. Washington Square Park (3:08)
7. Last Place You Look (2:31)
8. Better Half (3:25)
9. No Love (3:05)
10. Shorty (3:22)
11. Michelle With One “L” (6:04)

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Something To Write Home About

Playing Time: 45 minutes 31 seconds

Something to Write Home About

1. Holiday (3:29)
2. Action & Action (4:06)
3. Valentine (4:19)
4. Red Letter Day (2:56)
5. Out of Reach (3:47)
6. Ten Minutes (3:13)
7. The Company Dime (4:07)
8. My Apology (3:24)
9. I’m a Loner Dottie. a Rebel (3:09)
10. Long Goodnight (4:50)
11. Close To Home (3:51)
12. I’ll Catch You (4:20)

Buy Something to Write Home About from

Buy Something to Write Home About from Vagrant Records


Playing Time: 58 minutes 18 seconds


1. Up on the Roof (2:45)
2. Suffragette City (David Bowie cover) (3:21)
3. Central Standard Time (3:23)
4. Close to Me (The Cure cover) (3:25)
5. Forgive and Forget (demo) (3:25)
6. Regret (New Order cover) (5:01)
7. Beer for Breakfast (Replacements cover) (1:37)
8. Newfound Mass (2000) (4:25)
9. Alec Eiffel (Pixies cover) (3:02)
10. Impossible Outcomes (The Metroshifter cover) (3:32)
11. On with the Show (Motley Crue cover) (3:37)
12.Ten Minutes (demo) (3:06)
13. Anne Arbour (demo) (3:30)
14. Burned Bridges (Coalesce cover) (3:03)
15. I’m a Loner Dottie. a Rebel (demo) (2:55)
16. Shorty (demo) (3:25)
17.The Breathing Method (4:46)

Eudora Part 1 Eudora Part 2

Buy Eudora from

Buy Eudora from Vagrant Records

On A Wire

Playing Time: 43 minutes 28 seconds

On a Wire

1. Overdue (2:59)
2. Stay Gone (3:04)
3. Let The Reigns Go Loose (3:43)
4. Fall From Grace (3:39)
5. Grunge Pig (4:09)
6. High As The Moon (3:27)
7. All That I Know (3:21)
8. Walking On A Wire (5:17)
9. Wish You Were Here (3:32)
10. Campfire Kansas (3:04)
11. Worst Idea (3:25)
12. Hannah Hold On (3:48)

Buy On a Wire from

Live! @ The Granada Theater

Playing Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds

Live! @ The Granada Theater

1. Coming Clean (2:12)
2. The One You Want (3:06)
3. Holiday (3:23)
4. Action & Action (3:44)
5. Stay Gone (2:51)
6. Woodson (5:03)
7. Martyr Me (3:12)
8. I’m A Loner Dottie. A Rebel (3:12)
9. Mass Pike (3:25)
10. Campfire Kansas (3:19)
11. Red Letter Day (3:30)
12. Sick In Her Skin (4:33)
13. No Love (3:39)
14. Shorty (3:58)
15. Ten Minutes (3:30)
16. I’ll Catch You (3:46)
17. Don’t Hate Me (3:25)
18. Is There A Way Out (6:53)

Live! @ The Granada Theater Part 1

Live! @ The Granada Theater Part 2

Buy Live! @ The Granada Theater from

Buy Live! @ The Granada Theater from Vagrant Records


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