Let’s Give a Nice Hand for the Boo Radleys

Boo Radleys Taking their name from the reclusive character Boo Bradley in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” Boo Bradley formed in Liverpool in 1988. Originally the group consisted of guitarist/songwriter Martin Carr, vocalist/guitarist Sice, bassist Timothy Brown, and drummer Steve Hewitt. Following the release of their debut album, 1990’s Ichabod and I, Hewitt was replaced by Rob Cieka. Showing the influences of both My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr., “it was similar in style to much of the then-popular shoegazing sub-genre.” While not a commercial success it did catch the attention of influential British disc jockey John Peel. With his support the band signed to Rough Trade Records.

Rough Trade released the group’s Every Heaven EP in 1991 and then almost immediately following the release folded. The group then signed with Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Their first release for Creation was 1992’s Everything’s Alright Forever which finds the group moving away from the shoegazing sound. That new sound would be fully realized on 1993’s Giant Steps. The album would end up placing second to Debut by Björk in the 1993 NME album of the year poll of the paper’s contributors; although it would place first in the subsequent NME readers’ poll. A critical success in England the American release on Columbia Records yielded only the minor alternative hit “Lazarus”; but it did garner a spot for the group on Lollapalooza ’94’s second stage.

Wake Up! was released in the spring of 1995 about the time the Britpop phenomenon broke into the mainstream. More pop-oriented than their previous releases the album proved to be the band’s commercial breakthrough. It debuted at number one, chiefly on the strength of the horn-driven single “Wake Up Boo”. It stayed on the charts until early summer, but the follow-up single, “Find the Answer Within”, would chart no higher than in the Top 30. Released in America that fall on Columbia; but without the labels’ promotional support, the album died on the vine, and by early 1996 Columbia dropped the band.

With the success of Wake Up! in England the band now found itself identified as a Britpop band; something that they deeply resented. Martin Carr in a 2005 BBC interview stated:

“I tried to have nothing to do with what was being called Britpop. Our whole career was spent trying not to ‘fit in’. We just carried on doing what we had been doing. I didn’t like most of the new bands or the flag-waving. I didn’t like New Labour or idolise Paul Weller and I hated media-generated movements within music.”

C’mon Kids, released in 1996, saw the band retreating from the catchy, melodic, Beatles inspired pop of their previous album and the then dominant sounds of Britpop. Featuring more experimental sounds, which most listeners disliked and any commercial momentum the group might have had was stopped dead in it’s tracks.

1998’s Kingsize was the Boo Radleys’ final album. Showing the influences of soul music, hip hop and dance music the album was warmly received by critics but like 1996’s C’mon Kids was a commercial failure.

The band broke up in 1999, but Martin Carr soldiered on, releasing six albums under the name of Bravecaptain, though he recently announced that he’s retiring that name to work on new projects… but reforming the Boo Radleys is not one of them.

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EP’s and Singles

Kaleidoscope EP (Rough Trade), 1990
Every Heaven EP (Rough Trade), 1991
Boo Up! EP (Rough Trade), 1991
Lazy Day 1991
Adrenalin EP (Creation Records), 1992
Does This Hurt/Boo! Forever (Creation Records), 1992
Lazarus (Sony), 1992
At The Sound Of Speed (SpinArt), 1992
I Hang Suspended (Creation Records), 1993
Wish I Was Skinny (Creation Records), 1993
Learning to Walk (One Little Indian), 1993
Barney (…And Me) (Creation Records), 1994
Lazarus (re-release) (Great), 1994
Wake Up Boo! (Creation Records), 1995
Find The Answer Within (Creation Records), 1995
It’s Lulu (Creation Records), 1995
From the Bench at Belvedere (Creation Records), 1995
What’s In The Box (Creation Records), 1996
C’Mon Kids (Creation Records), 1996
Ride The Tiger (Creation Records), 1997
Free Huey (Creation Records), 1998


Ichabod and I (Action Records), 1990
Everything’s Alright Forever (Creation Records), 1992
Learning To Walk (Rough Trade),1992
Giant Steps (Sony), 1993
Wake Up! (Creation Records), 1995
C’mon Kids (Polygram Records), 1996
Kingsize (Creation Records), 1998
Find the Way Out (Sanctuary UK), 2005
The Best of the Boo Radleys (Sony / BMG Import), 2007

Boo! Forever

Playing Time: 14 minutes 4 seconds

Boo Radleys - Boo! Forever

1. Does This Hurt? (3:28)
2. Boo! Forever (3:56)
3. Buffalo Bill (2:16)
4. Sunfly II: Walking With the Kings (4:24)

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Everything’s Alright Forever

Playing Time: 50 minutes 7 seconds

Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever

1. Spaniard (4:02)
2. Towards the Light (1:42)
3. Losing It (Song for Abigail) (4:02)
4. Memory Babe (3:19)
5. Skyscraper (4:47)
6. I Feel Nothing (3:06)
7. Room at the Top (5:06)
8. Does this Hurt? (3:57)
9. Sparrow (1:51)
10. Smile Fades Fast (3:13)
11. Firesky (5:05)
12. Song for the Morning to Sing (2:31)
13. Lazy Day (1:35)
14. Paradise (5:51)

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Giant Steps

Playing Time: 1 hour 4 minutes 9 seconds

Boo Radleys - Giant Steps

1. I Hang Suspended (3:58)
2. Upon 9th and Fairchild (4:50)
3. Wish I was Skinny (3:37)
4. Leaves and Sand (4:26)
5. Butterfly McQueen (3:29)
6. Rodney King (Song for Lenny Bruce) (2:46)
7. Thinking of Ways (3:48)
8. Barney (… and Me) (4:42)
9. Spun Around (2:31)
10. If You Want it. Take It (2:46)
11. Best Lose the Fear (4:13)
12.Take the Time Around (4:08)
13. Lazarus (4:38)
14. One is For (1:36)
15. Run My Way Runway (2:20)
16. I’ve Lost the Reason (5:18)
17.The White Noise Revisited (5:03)

Giant Steps – Part One Giant Steps – Part Two

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Wake Up!

Playing Time: 51 minutes 36 seconds

Boo Radleys - Wake Up!

1. Wake Up Boo! (3:38)
2. Fairfax Scene (2:15)
3. It’s Lulu (3:04)
4. Joel (6:11)
5. Find The Answer Within (4:34)
6. Reaching Out From Here (3:03)
7. Martin. Doom! It’s Seven O’Clock (6:21)
8. Stuck On Amber (5:24)
9. Charles Bukowski Is Dead (2:40)
10. 4AM Conversation (2:43)
11. Twinside (4:45)
12. Wilder (6:58)

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