Tsunami Redux


Does it seem like Summer Reruns here at Old Fart at Play ? I assure you that next week will feature new material.

I got an email from Daniel H. asking if I would upload Tsunami’s World Tour & Other Destinations again. So for Daniel H., and anyone else who might have missed it the first time once again…..


Formed in Arlington, VA. in 1990 the Jenny Toomey fronted Tsunami was among the most important and original bands to emerge from the American indie scene of the 1990s. Their sociopolitical activism and commitment to D.I.Y principals; plus being the driving force behind the Simple Machines record label earned them the respect of the alternative community.

Formed in Arlington, Virginia in 1990 by vocalist Jenny Toomey and guitarist Kristin Thomson , bassist Andrew Webster and drummer John Pamer the group was known for it’s muscular guitar sound and the powerful vocals of frontwoman Toomey.

After returning from their first tour in 1991, where they supported Beat Happening, they recorded the four track demo tape Cow Arcade. Later that year they recorded the single “Genius of Crack” which was released by Homestead Records to some acclaim. 1992 saw more single releases, all of which raised the band’s profile in the indie community. 1993 saw a pair of Simple Machines releases, the singles “Diner” and “Matchbook” and their full-length debut Deep End . That summer the group toured, playing on Lollapalooza ‘s Second Stage. Later that year the group embarked on a six week tour, stopping in Chicago long enough to record their second album, The Heart’s Tremolo .

The Heart’s Tremolo was released in 1994 and the group made two long American tours in support of it. Additionally they made two trips to England, one with the groups Rodan and Eggs; and the second to play the Phoenix Festival with Shellac, Girls v Boys, Bailter Space and The Raincoats .

1995 finds the group back on the road and releasing World Tour & Other Destinations, a collection of singles, B-sides and compilation tracks that spring. The year also sees John Pamer returning to UMASS Amherst to complete his degree. With his departure the group effectively goes on hiatus; with Thomson and Toomey once again focusing their attention on running Simple Machines.

In 1997 the group returns to Chicago to record the full length A Brilliant Mistake , but this time with a new drummer, Luther Gray, because John Pamer decided to move to NYC after graduating from UMASS and a long distance working relationship with the group just doesn’t work out. The fall finds the group back on the road to support A Brilliant Mistake; but with new members; bassist Amy Domingues, drummer Luther (Trip) Grey and guitarist/keyboardist Bob Massey .

The pressures of running a record label and also being in a band eventually prove to be too much for Toomey and Thomson so a decision is made to shut down the label, but not before holding the Simple Machines Finale party. The Finale attracts hundreds of people, most there to see Tsunami’s set. Following the Finale the group did small East Coast tour, finishing up in New York City on Easter Sunday 1998.

Since that Easter Sunday the group has occasionally reformed; playing Ladyfest DC in 2002, and Ladyfest Philly in March 2003.


Tsunami Discography


Cow Arcade demo cassette (SMR), 1991

7″ Singles

“Headringer” (Simple Machines Records), 1991 (X)
“Genius of Crack” (Homestead), 1991 (X)
“Left Behind”Tsunami/Velocity Girl split (Sub Pop), 1992 (X)
“Punk Means Cuddle”Teriyaki Asthma vol.7 (C/Z Records), 1992 (X)
“Could Have Been Christmas”Season’s Greetings Tsunami/Velocity Girl split (SMR), 1993 (X)
“Beautiful Arlington” 7″ /CD-single (IV (Australia), 1992 (X)
Diner (SMR), 1993 (X)
“Matchbook” (SMR), 1993 (X)
August Working Holiday split 7″ w/Small Factory (SMR), 1993 (X)
Be Like That (SMR), 1994
Tsunami/Superchunk split 7″ (Honeybear), 1995
Compulsiv comp #3 7″ (Compulsiv), 1996
“Poodle/Old City” (SMR), 1997

Full Length

Deep End (Simple Machine Records), 1993
The Heart’s Tremolo (SMR/ Southern Records), 1994
A Brilliant Mistake (SMR), 1997


Echoes from the Nation’s Capital comp CD/CS (TWUnderground), 1993
Inclined Plane comp (SMR), 1993 (X)
Teen Beat 100 comp 7″ (Teen Beat), 1993 (X)
World Tour & Other Destinations (SMR), 1995
Monsters of Rock CD – Tsunami/Eggs/Rodan (SMR), 1995
Our Band Could Be Your Life – Minuteman tributecomp LP/CD (Little Brother), 1995 (X)

(X) – song is onWorld Tour & Other Destinations CD

Deep End (Simple Machines / Southern Records), 1993

Playing Time: 46 minutes 31 seconds

1. In a Name (3:03) Tsunami - The Deep End
2. The Spook (0:22)
3. Slugger (3:29)
4. Lucky (3:45)
5. Water’s Edge (3:00)
6. Genius of Crack (4:17)
7. 460 (3:46)
8. Sniffy (0:07)
9. Valentine (4:25)
10. Skinny (3:27)
11. Waxed (2:38)
12. Writing Letters (3:26)
13. Stupid Like a Fox (10:46)

Deep End

Buy Deep End from Amazon.com

Buy Deep End from Dischord Records

World Tour and Other Destinations (Simple Machines), 1995

Playing Time: 1 hour 9 minutes 46 seconds

Tsunami - World Tour and Other Destinations1. Flameproof Suit (3:25)
2. World Tour (3:21)
3. Ski Trip (3:30)
4. Kickball Babe (1:21)
5. Candyman (2:28)
6. Genius of Crack (4:12)
7. Answerman (2:09)
8. Left Behind (3:02)
9. Punk Means Cuddle (2:24)
10. Could Have Been Christmas (4:29)
11. Load Hog (2:30)
12. Goldigger (4:17)
13. Beauty Pt. II* (3:00)
14. Brick Book Building (1:01)
15. Sometimes A Notion (3:43)
16. Walking Tour (4:14)
17. Crackers (3:18)
18. Not Living (3:36)
19. Bossa Nova (2:10)
20. Kidding On The Square (4:24)
21. Newspaper (4:44)
22. Courage (2:28)

World Tour and Other Destinations – Part 1

World Tour and Other Destinations – Part 2

Buy World Tour and Other Destinations from Amazon.com

Buy World Tour and Other Destinations from Dischord Records

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  1. OMG,you are a hell of a lifesaver! I’ve been trying to find this album for years through various outlets but I keep hearing that it’s “on backorder”. We all know that’s record shop speak for “we don’t have it and aren’t really eager to chase it down for you.” Thanks again for this!!!

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