Mark Edwards a.k.a My Dad is Dead

My Dad Is Dead, is the solo project of Mark Edwards. Edwards, who writes, plays and sings with instrumental and vocal help from a revolving cast of Cleveland musicans makes music that explores the darker regions of both soul and psyche.

Formed by drummer Edwards after the break-up of the Cleveland band Riot Architecture in 1984, Edwards learned to play guitar and played his first show the following year backed by a drum machine.

He released his first LP And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore; most of whose songs were indeed inspired by the loss of his father, in May 1986 on St. St. Valentine Records. After a lengthy tour in support of Modern English and then the Butthole Surfers he released Peace, Love and Murder in May 1987. Signing to Homestead Records in early 1988 he released Let’s Skip the Details in May 1988. This would be his last solo record as shortly afterwards he added the first band members to My Dad Is Dead; bassist Jeff Curtis and drummer John McEntire.

For a 1989 tour of Europe he recruited the rhythm section of Cleveland’s Prisonshake; Chris Burgess on bass and Scott Pickering on drums. After releasing the double-LP The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get in 1989, the group; with yet another lineup, guitarists Tim Gilbride and Doug Gillard plus Burgess on bass moved to Scat Records in 1990 and released the Shine EP. 1991 saw the release of Chopping Down the Family Tree on Scat, while 1993 saw Scat releasing Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Moving to Trance Syndicate in 1994 the group released For Richer, For Poorer in 1995.

Discography – Albums and EPs

My Dad is Dead… and He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore (St. Valentine, 1985)
Peace, Love and Murder (Birth, 1987)
The Best Defense (Homestead, 1988)
Let’s Skip the Details (Homestead, 1988)
The Taller You Are, the Shorter You Get double lp (Homestead, 1989)
Shine double 7″ (Scat, 1990)
Chopping Down the Family Tree (Scat, 1991)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Scat, 1993)
Hello EP (Hello Recording Club, 1995)
For Richer, For Poorer (Emperor Jones/Trance Syndicate, 1995)
Shine(r) (Emperor Jones/Trance Syndicate, 1996)
Everyone Wants the Honey But Not the Sting (Emperor Jones, 1997)
The Engine of Commerce (Vital Cog, 2002)
A Divided House (Unhinged, 2005)

On his website,, Mark Edwards has a page devoted to downloads of his early recordings, all of which are out of print.

My Dad is Dead Downloads

And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore
Peace, Love and Murder
Let’s Skip the Details
The Best Defense
The Taller Your Are, The Shorter You Get

Chopping Down the Family Tree

Playing Time: 48 minutes 34 seconds

Chopping Down the Family Tree

1. Cool Rain (6:49)
2. Deliver Me Home (3:09)
3. Chopping Down the Family Tree (3:59)
4. Journey (5:59)
5. Know How to Run (2:38)
6. Come to Me (3:29)
7. Without a Doubt (4:46)
8. Shine (4:16)
9. The Last Time (2:51)
10. Walk on Water (3:46)
11. Outside My Window (4:09)
12. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (2:43)

Chopping Down the Family Tree

Buy Chopping Down the Family Tree from

Buy Chopping Down the Family Tree from

For Richer, For Poorer

Playing Time: 45 minutes 47 seconds

For Richer, For Poorer

1. Evolution (3:02)
2. Heirloom (3:37)
3. Coat Of Armor (3:57)
4. I Had A Dream (3:47)
5. Play The Game (3:06)
6. Crazy World (3:40)
7. Something More (3:02)
8. I Think I Should (3:37)
9. Way Too Wise (3:30)
10. Recharge (4:25)
11. Chasing Shadows (2:39)
12. Deja Vu (3:45)
13. Nasty Little Habit (3:40)

For Richer, For Poorer

Buy For Richer, For Poorer from


Playing Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 27 seconds


1. Weatherman (5:12)
2. Nothing Special (4:47)
3. Redeye (3:07)
4. 20 Yards Deep (5:49)
5. The Morning After (1:07)
6. Like a Vise (4:20)
7. Sabotage (2:24)
8. Beg Borrow Steal (1:45)
9. Gone Gonna Rise (2:47)
10. Dreamland (1:46)
11. Pillow Talk (3:00)
12. Empty Glass (1:23)
13. All My Strength (2:41)
14. The Only One (5:15)
15. Taxi Driver (2:24)
16. Always & Forever (5:20)
17. Bittersweet (2:50)
18. In Your Mind (4:04)
19. Babe In The Woods (4:00)
20. Babe (reprise) (2:26)

Shine(r) Part 1 Shine(r) Part 2

Buy Shine(r) from


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