“Death in Small Doses” – Cobra Verde

Formed from the ashes of Cleveland-based Death of Samantha and taking their name from the Werner Herzog film Cobra Verde, singer/guitarist/journalist John Petkovic, guitarist/singer Doug Gillard, drummer Dave Swanson and bassist Don Depew make music that combines the impact of punk and the urgency of 70’s glam.

Their 1994 debut release Viva La Muerte” (Scat) was voted one of the year’s best independent releases by both Rolling Stone and Request Magazine. About the same time the group toured with fellow Scat recording artists Guided By Voices. Striking up a friendship with GBV leader Robert Pollard would eventually prove fortuitous.

1995-96 saw the group release Vintage Crime EP and a number of singles, all of which helped increase the band’s popularity among the alternative-rock crowd.

1996 also saw Robert Pollard split up the original GBV and Cobra Verde approached him about being their replacements. The results of that collaboration can be heard on 1997’s Mag Earwhig!

The main qualification for membership in the group Gem is past involvement in the group My Dad is Dead. The group is comprised of Cobra Verde guitarist Doug Gillard , Prisonshake drummer Scott Pickering and Four Coyotes guitarist Tim Tobias.

The group sound is a mixture of smart, catchy and simple rhythm guitar pop-rock. An adult Weezer without pretensions.

Selected Discography

Cobra Verde

Viva La Muerte (Scat) 1994
Vintage Crime EP (Scat) 1995
Egomania (Love Songs) (Scat) 1997
Nightlife (Motel) 1999
Easy Listening (Scamcity / Muscletone) 2003
Copycat Killers (Scamcity / Scat) 2005


Hexed (Restless) 1995

Death Of Samantha

Where the Women Wear the Glory and the Men Wear the Pants (Homestead Records), 1988
Come All Ye Faithless (Homestead), 1989

Cobra VerdeViva La Muerte (Scat, 1994)

Playing Time: 40 minutes 24 seconds

Viva La Muerte

1. Was It Good (2:40)
2. Gimme Your Heart (2:53)
3. Montenegro (4:31)
4. Despair (5:07)
5. Debt (4:59)
6. Already Dead (4:23)
7. Until the Killing Time (3:29)
8. I Thought You Knew (What Pleasure Was) (8:08)
9. Cease to Exist (4:14)

Download Viva La Muerte

Buy Cobra Verde’s Viva La Muerte from Amazon.com

Cobra VerdeVintage Crime EP (Scat, 1995)

Playing Time: 21 minutes 6 seconds

Vintage Crime EP

1. Catalogue (3:10)
2. World Doesn’t End (3:19)
3. Media Whore (2:59)
4. Wish I Was Here (4:15)
5. Every God For Himself (4:24)
6. Fire Of Love (2:59)

Download Vintage Crime

Buy Cobra Verde’s Vintage Crime EP from Amazon.com

GemHexed (Restless Records,1995)

Playing Time: 41 minutes 17 seconds


1. Sheep (4:25)
2. Your Heroes Hate You (1:38)
3. Only A Loan (3:48)
4. Failed To See (2:48)
5. Suburban Girl (3:45)
6. Little Star (3:34)
7. I Hate It (2:37)
8. Any Trepidation (2:58)
9. Like This (2:44)
10. Many Moons Break (3:16)
11. Yeahya (3:38)
12. 2 Me Now (6:06)

Download Hex

Buy Gem’s Hexed from Amazon.com

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