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I had a request from a reader to repost the band Compulsion. So for those of you who missed it the first time around… here it is.

Singer Josephmary and fellow Dubliner bassist Sid Rainey originally played together in the ’60s-inspired Thee Amazing Colossal Men. With the addition of guitarist Garret Lee and Dutch drummer Jan-Willem Alkema they formed Compulsion. Forming their own label they released the vinyl only EPs Compulsion and Casserole, which were later collected on a bonus CD available in initial UK copies of Comforter; a few of the EPs’ best tracks comprise the band’s American debut, Boogie Woogie.

Their sound can best be described as a mixture Nirvana‘s quiet-loud dynamics combined with the musicianship of the Pixies.



Compulsion EP (UK Fabulon) 1992
Casserole EP (UK Fabulon) 1993
Safety EP (UK One Little Indian) 1993
Boogie Woogie EP (Elektra) 1994
Comforter (Interscope/Atlantic) 1994
The Future Is Medium (UK One Little Indian) 1996
Totale (UK Siren/Virgin) 1990

Boogie Woogie (Elektra, 1994)

Playing Time: 15 minutes 11 seconds

Boogie Woogie1. Accident Ahead (2:47)
2. Ninefourth (2:52)
3. Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes (3:35)
4. Why Do We Care? (2:38)
5. Find Time (3:19)

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Comforter (Interscope Records, 1994)

Playing Time: 52 minutes 58 seconds

Comforter1. Rapejacket (3:20)
2. Delivery (2:58)
3. Mall Monarchy (2:48)
4. Ariadne (3:59)
5. Late Again (2:14)
6. Air-Raid For The Neighbors (2:41)
7. Why Do We Care? (2:38)
8. Yancy Dangerfield’s Delusions (5:40)
9. Lovers (2:30)
10. I Am John’s Brain (3:39)
11. Eating (3:06)
12. Dick. Dale. Rick And Ricky (3:03)
13. Domestique (3:49)
14. Oh My Fool Life (4:53)
15. Jean Could Be Wrong (5:40)


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