Punk Ohio

Ahhhhhh . . .

All this energy calling me, back where it comes from
It’s such a crude attitude it’s back where it belongs.

All the little girls with the crimson lips go, Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks.
Livin’ in sin, with a safety pin, go, Cleveland Rocks (Cleveland Rocks).
Cleveland Rocks (Cleveland Rocks) Ohio!

Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter.
Performed by The Presidents of the United States of America

Many of you might remember that was one of the theme songs from The Drew Carey Show and that show was set in Cleveland.

Cleveland’s place in Rock and Roll history is secure. Site of 1952’s Moondog Coronation Ball;generally accepted as the first major rock and roll concert, and hosted by Alan Freed, probably the first real rock DJ of any major significance. Now home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Besides all the history Cleveland, and Ohio, have certainly produced it’s fair share of interesting, if not important bands, so this week we feature three punk bands that all call Ohio home.

Cleveland proto-punk combo the Styrenes practiced a noisy brand of pop so out of step with other local acts that they couldn’t get gigs.

New Bomb Turks are four English majors from Ohio State University. Fast and aggressive this isn’t todays watered down pop – punk.

Drinking their way out of Columbus, Ohio’s sloppy bars and subterranean clubs Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments full length debut Bait and Switch is punk rock at its snotty anarchist best.

The StyrenesIt’s Artastic! – Cleveland ’75 To ’79 (Homestead,1991)

Playing Time: 51 minutes 5 seconds

It's Artastic! - Cleveland '75 to '791. Drano In Your Veins (1:49)
2. Circus Highlights (1:45)
3. Radial Arms Saws (3:44)
4. Just Walking (3:49)
5. Jaguar Ride (1:15)
6. Everything Near Me (1:24)
7. I Saw You (2:37)
8. The Social Whirlpool (1:24)
9. As If I Cared (4:31)
10. Leave The Girls (1:49)
11. Inside Of Here (2:15)
12. Outer Limits (2:31)
13. Electricity (3:01)
14. Cheap & Vulgar (2:13)
15. Brian’s Song (1:20)
16. Girl Crazy (2:10)
17. Where The Girls Are (2:28)
18. Tom’s Problem (3:39)
19. Drano In Your Veins (1:33)
20. Opus XII (2:22)
21. It’s Artastic (3:26)

Download It’s Artastic! – Cleveland ’75 to ’79

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New Bomb TurksDrunk on Cock (Engine, 1993)

Playing Time: 11 minutes 14 seconds

Drunk on Cock1. Intro (0:11)
2. American Soul Spiders (2:16)
3. Grounded Ex-Patriot (2:49)
4. Tall Order (2:38)
5. This Place Sucks (0:48)
6. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (2:32)

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Thomas Jefferson Slave ApartmentsBait and Switch

(Onion/America, 1995)

Playing Time: 37 minutes 6 seconds

Bait and Switch1. My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up) (4:00)
2. Is She Shy (2:43)
3. Down To High Street (3:43)
4. Quarrel With The World (3:12)
5. Cheater’s Heaven (3:48)
6. Cyclotron (2:05)
7. Negative Guest List (2:41)
8. Fire In The Swimming Girl (3:48)
9. You Can’t Kill Stupid (2:54)
10. RnR Hall Of Fame (1:06)
11. Contract Dispute (4:33)
12. Wrongheaded (2:33)

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