Holy Moly…. It’s Henry Cow

Henry Cow… they never attained the success of progressive rock acts like Genesis or Pink Floyd, and were only cult favorites in the United States: but their music, especially their free form improvised music still sounds remarkably fresh twenty years after their demise.

Formed at Cambridge University, the groups musical core was comprised of Tim Hodgkinson (keyboards/vocals), Chris Cutler (drums/vocals) and Fred Frith (guitar/strings/vocals). Musical inspiration was drawn from Lumpy Gravy era Zappa, free jazz and early King Crimson. Avowed dialectical Marxists the groups music often took a political tack, Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners, is an example.

Concerts was recorded between 1974 – 1975 at concerts in London, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. The album also includes material from Henry Cow‘s last John Peel Session, their tracks from Greasy Truckers, Live at Dingwalls Dance Hall , a double LP of an October 1973 concert; and excerpts from a 1975 concert with Robert Wyatt.

The group at the time of the Concerts recording consisted of Hodgkinson, Cutler and Frith, Lindsay Cooper (Bassoon, flute, oboe, recorder, piano), Dagmar Krause (Voice, piano), John Greaves (Bass guitar, voice, celeste, piano) and Robert Wyatt (Vocals on Bad Alchemy and Little Red Riding Hood Hits The Road)

The songs included from Greasy Truckers, Live at Dingwalls Dance Hall are:

1. Off the Map
2. Cafe Royal
3. Keeping Warm in Winter
4. Sweat Heart of Mine

Concerts (East Side Digital)

Disc 1 – Playing Time: 1 hour 4 minutes 12 seconds

Disc 2 – Playing Time: 1 hour 19 seconds


Disc 1

1. Beautiful as the Moon; Terrible as an Army with Banners/Nirvana for Mice/Ottawa Song/Gloria Gloom/Moon Reprise (22:46)
2. Bad Alchemy/Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road (8:43)
3. Ruins (16:25)
4. Groningen (8:56)
5. Groningen Again (7:22)

Concerts – Disc 1 Part 1

Concerts – Disc 1 Part 2

Disc 2

1. Oslo (28:54)
2. Off the Map (8:23)
3. Cafe Royal (3:20)
4. Keeping Warm in Winter/Sweet Heart of Mine (10:00)
5. Udine (9:42)

Concerts – Disc 2 Part 1

Concerts – Disc 2 Part 2

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