Everyone Into the Poole

With alternative music dominated by “Grunge” during the mid 1990’s Poole’s 1995 debut Alaska Days proved to be the proverbial breathe of fresh air. The music of this Washington D.C. area quartet; characterized by jingle- jangly guitars, chugging bassline, solid backbeat, and vocals that featured two and three part harmonies made “teen angst” sound almost fun.

Expanding to a quintet and adding a third guitar for 1997’s The Late Engagement thickened their sound. Unlike the sunny pop of their debut the sound of this album is raw power pop. The unintended consequence of this is that the dominating vocals of their debut are now buried deep in the mix.

1999’s Among Whom We Shine finds the group attempting to recapture the jangly power pop feel of their debut release as well as that of early 1980’s.

Alaska Days (Spinart,1995)

Playing Time: 42 minutes 40 seconds

Alaska Days1. Supermerica (2:38)
2. Strawberry Kool-Aid Smile (4:01)
3. Favorite Beatnik Star (2:35)
4. Loon (4:02)
5. Snowcicle (4:22)
6. Si (3:26)
7. Ovalteen (4:34)
8. Oregon (4:11)
9. Mary Shakes Her Hair (3:17)
10. Car (4:35)
11. Smile (4:59)

Alaska Days

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The Late Engagement (Spinart,1997)

Playing Time: 33 minutes 31 seconds

The Late Engagement1. Glumb (2:55)
2. Like Anybody (3:34)
3. La Chanson de la Voiture du Pompier (4:59)
4. The Only One (3:17)
5. Sugartime (2:52)
6. Venus Passing (3:28)
7. The Late Engagement (3:48)
8. Sparkler (3:22)
9. Modern Way (3:17)
10. Junior (1:59)

The Late Engagement

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Among Whom We Shine (Spinart,1999)

Playing Time: 32 minutes 51 seconds

Among Whom We Shine1. Better Off On Yer Own (4:33)
2. Among Whom We Shine (2:58)
3. Feelin Ill Tonight (3:33)
4. Make It Right (3:08)
5. Sole Operator (3:36)
6. Story With Me (2:45)
7. Anyway (3:45)
8. Never Sad Again (2:32)
9. Fall For Anything (2:52)
10. You’re On Top (3:09)

Among Whom We Shine

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