L Stands for Loud

Like many aspiring musicans before them vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist D.D. Weekday (aka Doug Phillips), and bassist Keith Telligman left their hometown of Vincennes, Indiana in 1981 and moved to California hoping to form a band. In 1983 they settled on fellow Indiana ex-pat Allen Clark as drummer and began playing the Los Angeles club circuit as The Lazy Cowgirls.

With a sound that combined equal parts of the buzz saw roar of punks first wave, 60’s garage rock, heart on the sleeve honky-tonk and the Rolling Stones swagger The Lazy Cowgirls play loud, sweaty and raw rock and roll.

Their self titled debut was released by Restless Records in 1984, but the record failed to capture the energy of their live shows and they were dropped by the label. After another two years on the club circuit they were signed by Bomp Records who released Tapping The Source which came close to capturing their live sound.

In 1989 the band’s high-octane live set at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara was released by the newly formed Sympathy for the Music Industry as Radio Cowgirl . How It Looks – How It Is was released in 1990. By 1991 years of playing with little financial reward took their toll and Clark and Telligman left the group.

A revolving cast of musicans with original band member vocalist Pat Todd still continues to record and tour and released the rootsy I’m Going Out And Get Hurt Tonight in 2004.

Radio Cowgirl (Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1989)

Playing Time: 57 minutes 4 seconds

Radio Cowgirl

1. Lose’n Your Mind (3:21)
2. Meat Shop (1:38)
3. Carbona Not Glue (1:51)
4. Know Your Product (2:42)
5. Slow Down (3:32)
6. Mr. Screwdriver (3:03)
7. Goddamn Bottle (3:17)
8. Bullshit Summer Song (2:34)
9. Green Acres (1:08)
10. Heartache (2:11)
11. You’re Gonna Miss Me (7:06)
12. The Long Goodbye (2:54)
13. Who Are the Mystery Girls? (2:48)
14. Crazy Arms (2:09)
15. Intellectual Baby (3:07)
16. The Wayward Wind (2:47)
17. This Is Where I Belong (3:08)
18. Drugs II (3:32)
19. Repeat After Me (4:16)

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How it Looks – How It Is (Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1990)

Playing time: 47 minutes 5 seconds

How It Looks - How It Is

1. How It Looks – How It Is (3:00)
2. Sex Kittens Compare Scratches (3:22)
3. Cheap Shit (3:06)
4. One On The List (2:25)
5. The Long Goodbye (2:59)
6. When It All Comes Down (3:02)
7. D.I.E. In Indiana (2:41)
8. Alienation Maybe (3:08)
9. I’ve Had Enough Of It (1:58)
10. Danielle (2:23)
11. Teenage Frankenstein (3:37)
12. How Long (2:52)
13. Losin’ Your Mind (2:29)
14. Meat Shop (1:36)
15. Dye’n In Red (2:43)
16. Alot To Learn (3:01)
17. Reborn (2:43)

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The Philadelphia power trio Latimer, G. Doring, D. Cotton, R. Sherman and R. Fravel, specialized in sheets of guitar noise. An affinity for intertwined guitar riffs coupled with “harmonic anarchy” suggests a meeting between Sonic Youth and Television.

To avoid tinniness both of these cds should be played LOUD

LP Title (World Domination, 1995)

Playing Time: 42 minutes 32 seconds

LP Title1. Neolida (3:22)
2. Kiss 120 (3:24)
3. Stabs The Reason (2:43)
4. Carolida (3:25)
5. Chicken The Goon (3:16)
6. Cold Front Killer (1:52)
7. Dirgesque (3:44)
8. Hold Down (4:49)
9. Auto Redeemer (3:34)
10. Stringbender (1:34)
11. Poseur (3:30)
12. Rek ‘o’ Kut (7:19)

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Live From Sour City (World Domination, 1997)

Playing time: 44 minutes 16 seconds

1. Citizen Jive (3:05)Live From Sour City
2. Bullseye! (3:47)
3. Used Cars (2:30)
4. Bloated In Detroit (4:26)
5. Motel Motel (3:04)
6. Start With Me (4:34)
7. Competition No. 4 (4:50)
8. Regressing (3:38)
9. Beats so Red (3:40)
10. Ohio (4:33)
11. Finger Loss (2:32)
12. Sour City (3:37)

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  1. Nice site you have here, cheers! I was trying to get “Lazy Cowgirls – Radio Cowgirl” but something is wrong with the link (file not found)…can you please fix it? THX :-)

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