It’s Time to Take Your Medicine

The group Medicine was formed in the early 1990’s by ex-Savage Republic drummer Brad Laner. Besides Laner, guitar/vocals, the group initially consisted of drummer Jim Goodall, guitarist Jim Putnam, bassist Eddie Ruscha, and singer Annette Zalinskas. Zalinskas eventually left and was replaced by singer Beth Thompson.

Their debut Shot Forth Self Living was released in the U.K. several months after they formed, and it was picked up in the US by Rick Rubin’s American label, who signed them in 1992. 1993 would see the release of the ep 5ive, and the release of their second full length album, The Buried Life. By the time of their second release the group had been pared down to a trio, consisting of Laner, Thompson and drummer Jim Goodall.

Medicine’s basic approach to music was to bury pop songs deep within sheets of sound, thus the inevitable comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and their album Loveless. Of the two albums Shot Forth Self Living is the stronger and Trouser Press describes it as:

“an exceedingly uneasy marriage of unequivocally horrible noise and dreamy drone-pop, and the two elements wrangle in virtually every one of its songs.”

You’ve been warned…

Shot Forth Self Living (Def American, 1992)

Playing Time: 49 minutes 26 seconds

Shot Forth Self Living

1. One More (9:08)
2. Aruca (4:49)
3. Defective (4:10)
4. A Short Happy Life (6:40)
5. 5ive (3:33)
6. Sweet Explosion (3:15)
7. Queen of Tension (4:14)
8. Miss Drugstore (5:03)
9. Christmas Song (8:34)


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The Buried Life (American Recordings, 1993)

Playing Time: 55 minutes 31 seconds

The Buried Life1. The Pink (5:38)
2. Babydoll (3:10)
3. Slut (3:54)
4. She Knows Everything (4:17)
5. Something Goes Wrong (3:13)
6. Never Click (6:05)
7. Fried Awake (4:48)
8. Beneath the Sands (4:38)
9. Emmeline (1:27)
10. I Hear (5:36)
11. Live it Down (5:34)
12. The Earth is Soft and White (7:11)

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One response to “It’s Time to Take Your Medicine

  1. One of the most overlooked shoegazers these guys are. I was introduced to their music by my american friend once. The guy was absolutely crazy, but with great taste in music…. I guess these 2 qualities very often come together, lol!
    Great blog!

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