Have You Seen the Saucers: Flying Saucer Attack

An interest in home-recording experimentation led to the 1993 formation of Bristol England avant noise project Flying Saucer Attack. The group was comprised primarily of the duo singers/guitarists David Pearce and Rachel Brook.

Influenced by Krautrock, folk and dream-pop the group released their eponymous-titled debut, the feedback laden Flying Saucer Attack in 1993.

Distance released in 1994 is a collection of atmospheric singles and unreleased tracks. This release spotlights many of the groups influences, featuring drones, post Byrds guitar chime, guitar crunch and the barely audible, indecipherable vocals of David Pearce.

Distance (Vhf Records, 1994)

Playing Time: 40 minutes 28 seconds


1. Oceans (5:16)

2. Standing Stone (3:47)

3. Crystal Shade (4:56)

4. Instrumental Wish (6:40)

5. Distance (4:53)

6. November Mist (4:59)

7. Soaring High (4:19)

8. Oceans 2 (5:38)

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1995’s Further proved to be FSA’s breakthrough release, at least in cult terms. While musically the group stays the course Pearce’s singing is increasingly assertive; and while his singing technique hasn’t changed his words are clearer, and his delivery crisper.

The cd begins with the feedback squall of “Rainstorm Blues” but the groups folk music influences prove prominent.

Further (Drag City, 1995)

Playing Time: 47 minutes 16 seconds

Further1. Rainstorm Blues (4:09)

2. In The Light Of Time (4:48)

3. Come And Close My Eyes (4:28)

4. For Silence (7:39)

5. Still Point (3:12)

6. Here I Am (6:37)

7. To The Shore (12:09)

8. She Is The Daylight (4:14)

Download Further 

Buy Further from Amazon.com


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