Putting the Space Back in Space Rock

Foregoing the Pacific Northwests’ love affair with all things garage rock, Portland, Oregon band King Black Acid music chiefly consists of spacey, neo-psychedelic extended jams.

Originally begun by, leader and guitarist, Daniel Riddle as a solo home taping project. He quickly moved beyond that as he added keyboardist Melinda Dicillo, guitarist Roger Campos, bassist Nathan Jorg, drummer Scott Adamo and percussionist Joe Trump to the mix.

The groups first album Womb Star Sessions melds elements of the Red Crayola, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, the Doors, and My Bloody Valentine.

Their second album Sunlit offers the listener a dreamer sound, but the three tracks on the album are significantly longer than the tracks on Womb Star Sessions , ranging in length from 18 to 22 minutes.

King Black Acid and the Womb Star OrchestraWomb Star Session (Cavity Search, 1996)
Playing Time: 53 minutes 21 seconds

Womb Star Session

1. The Wave (10:02)
2. Aloha (18:46)
3. Alone On Mars (14:49)
4. Autumn (9:44)

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King Black AcidSunlit (Cavity Search, 1996)
Playing Time:1 hour 35 seconds

Sunlit1. Some Things Must Be Believed To Be Seen (20:35)
2. Headfull (18:10)
3. Think Away (21:50)

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One response to “Putting the Space Back in Space Rock

  1. My two favorite KBA albums. After this, they sort of got poppier (and more Floydian). They bet it all on the Mothman Prophecy soundtrack which got them nowhere. Daniel Riddle has been working with fellow Portlander James Angel (whose demo got David Bowie’s ear) and is on the verge of resurrecting KBA.
    I posted these and the great comp. Thirst of the first Thirteen Years and have Feel the Freest, which I haven’t managed to listen to yet. Maybe I’ll post it soon.

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