I had someone write awhile back that they were having trouble downloading the files from my 9353 post. I never thought that this would be the third time I’d post about this slightly obscure Washington D.C. group.

For track listings please see my previous posts on 11-29-2006 or 10-9-2006.

Download Make Your Last Days Loud Days Pt 1

Download Make Your Last Days Loud Days Pt 2

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Download Overdoses at Your Mothers House Pt 1

Download Overdoses at Your Mothers House Pt 2

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Named after one of the bloodiest battles of the American civil war the group Antietam was one of the most under rated indie groups of the mid 1990s. Often considered the Southern Yo La Tengo they combined that groups studied urban coolness with fiery Southern rock.

Louisville, KY. natives guitarist Tara Key and her bass playing boyfriend Tim Harris were one half of 80’s post punk group the Babylon Dance Band , but by 1983, with only one single to their credit the group broke up. The following year Key and Harris formed the group Antietam. After releasing two low key albums; 1984s self titled debut and 1985s Music From Elba Harris and Key left Louisville and moved to New York.

After several years in New York they came under the benevolent wing of Yo La Tengo ‘s Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley. They produced the groups third album, 1990s Burgoo and 1991s Everywhere Outside. A smoking set recorded at CBGB in July of 1991 would be released in 1992 as Antietam Comes Alive!

Antietam Comes Alive! (Triple X Records, 1992)

Playing Time: 50 minutes 59 seconds

1. Track 13 (4:22) Antietam Comes Alive!
2. Monica (3:16)
3. Open Letter (3:47)
4. George (3:42)
5. Stomp (3:31)
6. Glide (5:37)
7. Angels & Strangers (2:59)
8. Sample For Sara (3:08)
9. Ask The Angels (5:14)
10. Teleplay (3:20)
11. Sink Or Swim (3:41)
12. Eaten Up By Hate (8:22)

Download Comes Alive

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After a short break in 1993 the group released Rope-a-Dope in 1994. Rope-a-Dope finds the group opening up their sound, and also finds both bassist Tim Harris and drummer Josh Madell sharing vocal duties with guitarist and lead singer Tara Key.

Rope-a-Dope (Homestead Records, 1994)

Playing Time: 48 minutes 55 seconds

Rope-a-Dope1. Hands Down (3:32)
2. What She Will (5:05)
3. Pine (4:53)
4. Certain Muse (3:00)
5. Hardly Believe (4:36)
6. Graveyard (3:26)
7. Rope-A-Dope (3:01)
8. Leave Home (6:09)
9. Betwixt (4:34)
10. Silver Solace (10:39)

Download Rope-a-Dope

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following the release of one single in 1996 the name Antietam was retired; but that’s not to say that the groups members haven’t been busy. Tara Key has released several solo albums, and has recorded with Eleventh Dream Day‘s Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean; and also with Tara Jane O’Neil. Harris has played cello on several tracks for Yo La Tengo; and Josh Madell played drums on the first two Retsin albums.

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  1. damn, i am looking for 9353 as well, though it looks about a month too late… if you can post it one more time, i’ll host them on my server.

  2. I’d really like to get the rest of the 9353 stuff, but only the first .rar works. The rest say the file has been deleted. Upload again? Pleeze?

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