A Holiday Grab Bag

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas.

In keeping with the holidays, and because many of us are traveling to be with family and friends I felt that the Danish group Trains and Boats and Planes might be an appropriate place to start.

Taking their name from a Burt Bacharach/Hal Davis penned song this Danish groups’ one American record, 1994’s Minimal Star, was recorded and produced by Shimmy Discs legendary Kramer.

By the mid 1990’s the dominant sound of alternative music was grunge and this record (and many others like it) received limited, if any sort of airplay on commercial “alternative” radio.

Trains And Boats And PlanesMinimal Star (Shimmy Disc, 1994)

Playing Time: 51 minutes 10 seconds

Minimal Star1. Parents’ Place (4:40)
2. I Like Cars (2:30)
3. Private Party (By The Coast) (3:30)
4. Minimal Star (4:45)
5. She Had Us (3:59)
6. All We Got (2:35)
7. A Wake (4:09)
8. Playback (3:48)
9. Kitty Wu (4:58)
10. Genius Spider (5:14)
11. Pat Is Free (2:52)
12. You Hear! My Dear (3:30)
13. Timelove (4:40)

Download Minimal Star

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The Scene is Now was a loose collection of downtown New York City musicians. Only former Mofungo members Chris Nelson and Philip Dray were permanent members of the group. Over the years other members of the group included sax player Elliott Sharp, Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone and ex-“dB Will Rigby.

Sounding like a modern day jug band, The Scene is Now was generally unknown until Yo La Tengo covered Yellow Sarong from 1985’s album Burn All Your Records.

Because their recorded output was limited to 1985’s Burn All Your Records, 1986’s Total Jive, 1988’s Tonight We Ride and 1990’s cassette-only Shotgun Wedding 1995’s The Oily Years (1983-1993) provides a good overview of their work.

The Scene is NowThe Oily Years (1983 – 1993) (Bar/None, 1995)

Playing Time: 1 hour 9 minutes 1 second

The Oily Years 1. 1150 Lbs. (2:01)
2. Rope (1:07)
3. Social Practice (1:29)
4. Voltaire’s Repair to the Organ (2:35)
5. Yellow Sarong (1:57)
6. 5 Cent Shave (0:47)
7. Railroad Boy (2:14)
8. Room of Wicker (1:36)
9. Premium Hat (2:10)
10. Bank (3:06)
11. Anthracite (3:41)
12. Two Spoonfuls (3:08)
13. Sartre’s Acid Trip (1:54)
14. A Man’s Coconut (2:05)
15. Pinwheel (2:37)
16. Pickle Barrel (3:32)
17. Dinah Shore (3:22)
18. Moonlight Broil (3:28)
19. Full Fathom Five (3:19)
20. Digest (2:44)
21. Tofu Golf Course (3:23)
22. If Justice Hides (2:57)
23. First Avenue (2:33)
24. Buffalo (3:28)
25. Carla (2:48)
26. Gone for a Long. Long Time (4:20)
27. Cool Pool (0:40)

Download The Oily Years (1983-1993) Part 1

Download The Oily Years (1983-1993) Part 2

Buy The Oily Years (1983-1993) from Amazon.com

Combining Eddie Van Halen’s heavy metal guitar heroics with the classic rock gear of Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis; Pittsburgs’ The(e) Speaking Canaries (guitarist/singer Damon Che, bassist Karl Hendricks, and drummer Noah Leger) provided an alternative to alternative music’s mid 1990’s embrace of all things grunge.

Thee Speaking CanariesSongs For The Terrestrially Challenged (Scat Records, 1995)

Playing Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds

Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged1. Houses and Houses Of Perfectness (4:50)
2. Summer’s Empty Resolution (1:38)
3. Terristrial / Famous No Space (8:09)
4. Guitar Strings For a Holocause (3:52)
5. Hall Of Force / Gone Bad / So Glad / Reprise (9:19)
6. “Little” Ice Queen (6:36)
7. Super Hit (2:37)
8. El Rancho (6:09)
9. Any Three Days (12:59)
10. Secrets (3:00)
11. Our War On Cool Pt. 2 (4:03)
12. When Cats Fight / Let Loose Of Me (4:55)
13. De-Effect / Diminished (6:40)

Download Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged Part 1

Download Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged Part 2

Buy Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged from Amazon.com

Buy Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged from Scat Records

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