A Flower by Any Other Name

With a constantly shifting group of musicians, founder, and sole constant member, Philadelphian sing/songwriter Kurt Heasley, as the Lilys made the follow up album to My Bloody Valentines’ 1991 Loveless“, the record that MBV should have made. They’ve fixated on the music of the British Invasion. Whether it’s been “shoegazer” noise, minimalism, or British Invasion pop they’ve challenge us to listen to it with fresh ears.

In the Presence of Nothing” (Spin Art, 1992)

Playing Time: 54 minutes 14 seconds

In the Presence of Nothing

With an album title that pokes fun at The Velvet Crush’s In the Presence of Greatness the Lilys record, the follow up to MBV’s Loveless that they didn’t. Less noisy than Loveless , this record perhaps represents the high water mark of the “Shoegazer” movement.


1. There’s No Such Thing As Black Orchids (5:14)
2. Elizabeth Colour Wheel (6:59)
3. Collider (4:20)
4. Tone Bender (3:16)
5. Periscope (5:15)
6. It Does Nothing For Me (4:09)
7. Snowblinder (4:36)
8. The Way Snowflakes Fall (12:08)
9. Threw A Day (3:44)
10. Claire Hates Me (4:33)

Download In the Presence of Nothing Pt 1

Download In the Presence of Nothing Pt 2

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Eccsame the Photon Band (Spin Art, 1995)

Playing Time: 50 minutes 59 seconds

Eccasame the Photon Band

Recorded primarily as a duo comprising Heasley and Poole’s Harold Evans Eccsame the Photon Band songs are long, spare, and slow. Minimalism at it’s best; thought there are two pop songs, “The Hermit Crab” and “Radiotricity”.

1. High Writer At Home (5:53)
2. Intro (0:12)
3. Day Of The Monkey (3:49)
4. FBI And Their Toronto Transmitters (3:36)
5. Intro (2) (0:18)
6. The Turtle Which Died Before Knowing (7:56)
7. The Hermit Crab (3:34)
8. Intro (3) (0:16)
9. Overlit Canyon (The Obscured Wingtip Memoir) (5:15)
10. Hubble (6:06)
11. Intro (4) (0:49)
12. Kodiak (Reprise) (3:41)
13. Radiotricity (4:40)
14. Your Guest And Host (4:54)

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Better Can’t Make Your Life Better (Che / Sire, 1996)

Playing Time: 39 minutes 20 seconds

Better Can't Make Your Life Better 1996’s Better Can’t Make Your Life Better marks the beginning of Heasley’s British Invasion fixation, a fixation that continues with 1999’s The Three Way“.

1. Cambridge California (2:11)
2. A Nanny In Manhattan (1:47)
3. Shovel Into Spade Kit (3:52)
4. Elevator Is Temporary (2:31)
5. Can’t Make Your Life Better (4:27)
6. Who Is Moving (3:05)
7. The Tennis System (and its stars) (5:05)
8. Paz En El Hogar (2:57)
9. Bring Up the Stamp (3:59)
10. Touch the Water (2:12)
11. Returns Every Morning (3:32)
12. Lilys – More Than Is Deserved (3:42)

Download Better Can’t Make Your Life Better

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The Three Way (Sire / London/Rhino, 1999)

Playing Time: 36 minutes 16 seconds

1. Dimes Make Dollars (2:24)The Three Way
2. Socs Hip (7:13)
3. Accepting Applications at University (2:51)
4. And One (On One) (4:06)
5. Leo Ryan (Our Pharoah’s Slave) (7:18)
6. Solar Is Here (1:42)
7. The Spirits Merchant (4:27)
8. The Lost Victory (1:42)
9. The Generator (2:17)
10. A Tab For The Holiday (2:16)

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