“Don’t Think You’ll Never Be a Star”

Formed in 1989, Providence Rhode Island’s Velvet Crush (vocalist/bassist Paul Chastain, drummer Ric Menck and guitarist Jeffrey Borchardt) were a classic power pop band in the tradition of the Raspberries and Big Star. Long time friend Matthew Sweet both produced, and added lead guitar and harmonies to their first record 1991’s “In The Presence Of Greatness“, which proved to be a hit with the British music press.

In The Presence Of Greatness (Ringers Lactate, 1991)

Velvet Crush-In The Presence Of Greatness1. Windows To The World (3:10)
2. Drive Me Down (3:56)
3. Ash And Earth (2:57)
4. White Soul (4:12)
5. Superstar (3:46)
6. Blind Faith (4:13)
7. Speedway Baby (3:44)
8. Stop (2:22)
9. Asshole (5:08)
10. Die A Little Every Day (2:53)

Download In The Presence of Greatness

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Their second album 1994’s “Teenage Symphonies to God” takes its name from a comment attributed to the Beach Boys Brian Wilson when asked to describe the music for the legendary “Smile album. Produced by R.E.M. producer and Let’s Activate leader Mitch Easter “Teenage Symphonies to God” is an old fashion pop record with it’s 12 songs in 40 minutes. Of the records 12 songs, two are covers, Gene Clark’s “Why Not Your Baby” and Matthew Sweet’s “Something’s Gotta Give”.

Teenage Symphonies to God” (550/Epic, 1994)

Velvet Crush - Teenage Symphonies to God1. Hold Me Up (3:00)
2. My Blank Pages (3:30)
3. Why Not Your Baby (4:50)
4. Time Wraps Around You (4:13)
5. Atmosphere (3:53)
6. #10 (2:23)
7. Faster Days (4:38)
8. Something’s Gotta Give (5:52)
9. This Life Is Killing Me (2:51)
10. Weird Summer (3:52)
11. Star Trip (4:18)
12. Keep On Lingerin’ (2:29)

Download Teenage Symphonies to God Buy Teenage Symphonies to God at Amazon.com

The mid 1990’s found Velvet Crush touring in support of major label “Teenage Symphonies to God“, opening for acts like Jesus & Mary Chain and Mazzy Star and than with the just beginning to make it Oasis. “Rock Concert” was recorded at Chicago’s cabaret Metro in 1995; and although short, just 27 minutes, shows the group at the apex of their career.

Rock Concert” (Action Musik, 2000)

Velvet Crush - Rock Concert 1. Window To The World (3:01)
2. My Blank Pages (3:38)
3. Ash And Earth (2:50)
4. Time Wraps Around You (3:58)
5. Atmosphere (4:22)
6. This Life Is Killing Me (3:17)
7. Hold Me Up (2:50)
8. Remember The Lightning (3:12)

Download Rock Concert Buy Rock Concert at Amazon.com

I had someone write and say that a download link was missing. I check as I go along and nothing seemed amiss the other day. Tonight I checked as usual and yes I couldn’t link to one of the files I up loaded. As I write this I’m in the process of uploading the file in question again. Should this happen again please let me know exactly what you’re trying to download so I can take care of it.

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  1. Hey Old Fart – I haven’t been able to download Moonhead by Thin White Rope – each time I try to dowload the link, I am rerouted to their homepage. I emailed ohshare and they said it meant the file had been removed. Hope this isn’t too much of a pain. Thanks for all your efforts, both here and before.

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