If you like to listen to music laying down, eyes closed, headphones on, illuminated, perhaps, by only the glow from the cd player then the group Bedhead makes your kind of music.


Formed by brothers Bubba and Matt Kadane in Dallas Texas in 1992, Bedhead; with Tench Coxe – guitar, Kris Wheat – bass and Trini Martinez – drums, were pioneers of the slow core movement of the early 1990’s and unlike any other Texas of the day.

The groups live debut took place in early 1992, and that spring released their debut single, “Bedside Table”. On the strength of that single the band was signed to King Coffey’s (Butthole Surfers) Trance Syndicate label.

Bedhead’s sound at best could be considered languid. Matt’s vocals border on lazy, and are often so low in the mix that at times it seems as if he were singing only to himself. The tempo is never hurried, and the guitar / bass interplay show some of the bands influences, Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3, New Order , Codeine and Joy Division.

WhatFunLifeWas (Trance Syndicate Records, 1994)


Released in April 1994 the music on this record is almost as spare as the record cover. Even their loudest song “Powder” is calm. There’s a sameness to the cds songs, but there’s enough difference to hold one’s attention.

1. Liferaft (4:40) 2. Haywire (4:12) 3. Bedside Table (4:44) 4. The Unpredictable Landlord (4:20) 5. Crushing (3:52) 6. Unfinished (4:33)

7. Powder (7:04) 8. Foaming Love (4:15) 9. To the Ground (2:59)

10. Living Well (4:25) 11. Wind Down (3:33)

Buy “WhatFunLifeWas” and “Transaction de Novo ” at

Bedhead  (Trance Syndicate Records 1994)


Recorded live in one take with one microphone to a 2 track analog recorder at the Kesseler Community Church in Dallas in March of 1994 “4 Song CDEP 19:10″ was released in October 1994.

1. Heiszahobit (4:17) 2. Dead Language (5:25) 3. What I’m Here For (4:32)

4. Disorder (4:58) (Joy Division cover)

Download 4 Song CDEP 19:10

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 Beheaded (Trance Syndicate Records, 1996)


Recorded and mixed by Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid, Windsor For the Derby) 1996’s “Beheaded ” finds the group mining a familiar vein. What’s been left out of the music continues to be as important as what’s in the music. Like The Cowboy Junkies their music is quiet and thoughtful. Like all their music this cd is best appreciated with headphones on.

1. Beheaded (4:44) 2. The Rest Of The Day (6:20) 3. Left Behind (3:47)

4. What’s Missing (3:49) 5. Smoke (2:45) 6. Burned Out (3:57) 7. Roman Candle (4:29) 8. Withdraw (4:23) 9. Felo de se (3:09) 10. Lares and Penates (3:53) 11. Losing Memories (2:58)

Buy “Beheaded” at

 Transaction de Novo (Trance Syndicate Records, 1998)

transaction de novo

Continuing to work their minimalist magic, the Steve Albini produced “Transaction de Novo” offers the listener for once crystal clear vocals and the song “Psychosomatica”, which is the groups most “rock” like song. The closing song “The Present” ends so unexpectedly that you’ll hear the music continue to play even after it’s stopped.

1. Exhume (4:18) 2. More Than Ever (4:19) 3. Parade (4:50)

5. Extramundane (3:05) 6. Forgetting (3:41) 7. Lepidoptera (3:04)

8. Psychosomatica (3:16) 9. The Present (7:01)
With band members scattered all over the globe the group announced it’s break-up in August 1998. Posthumously a split cd was released with the group Machra. The Kadane brothers would later reunite to form the group The New Year.


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