And So I Watched You Walk Away – The Wedding Present – Part 3

Wedding Present

This is our last Weddoes post for awhile, mainly because the Old Fart has several Wedding Present tapes that he needs to get around to ripping. We’ll eventually also get around to posting David Gedge’s chamber rock group Cinerama.

Next week we move on…

Tommy (Reception Records – 1988)


With the success of 1987’s George Best Tommy was a hastily compiled collection of early singles, covers and radio broadcasts.

1. Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy! (4:09)

2. (The Moment Before) Everything Spoiled Again (3:19)

3. Once More (3:14)

4. At The Edge Of The Sea (2:39)

5. Living And Learning (2:53)

6. This Boy Can Wait (4:01)

7. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (3:01)

8. Felicity (2:18)

9. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted? (3:46)

10. Never Said (2:37)

11. Every Mothers Son (1:36)

12. My Favourite Dress (4:13)

Watusi (Island Records – 1994) Watusi

By the time Watusi was released in 1994 David Gedge was the sole remaining original member of the group. The cd was produced by Olympia, WA. based Steve Fisk, and vocal assistance was also credited to Beat Happenings Heather Lewis. In many ways this cd, as well as, 1996’s Saturnalia fore shadows the musical direction Gedge would later take with Cinerama.

1. So Long, Baby (2:25)

2. Click Click (4:26)

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (3:13)

4. Let Him Have It (2:58)

5. Gazebo (3:06)

6. Shake It (3:00)

7. Spangle (3:12)

8. It’s A Gas (3:28)

9. Swimming Pools, Movie Stars (3:07)

10. Big Rat (3:36)

11. Catwoman (7:06)

12. Hot Pants (2:03)

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [EP 1] (Island Records Ltd. – 1994) yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

This 4 song EP includes Watusi’s Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah as well as a version of Him or Me (What’s It Gonna Be?) from the John Peel Sessions 1992 – 1995. There is also a Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [EP 2], that along with Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, contains a John Peel Session (16/4/94) version of Watusi’s Gazebo and Spangle, plus So Long Baby.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (3:15)

2. Le Bikini (1:39)

3. Flame On (3:51)

4. Him or Me (What’s It Gonna Be?) (2:41)


Take Fountain (Manifesto Records – 2005) Take fountain

What started out in 2004 as the fourth Cinerama cd became the first new Wedding Present cd since 1996’s Saturnalia. To no ones surprise Take Fountain sounds like Cinerama, but then Cinerama always sounded like the Wedding Present. In typical Wedding Present fashion there are hushed passages followed but explosive chorus, and David Gedge is his typically frustrated romantic self.

On American Bandstand a song always got a high rating if you could dance to it; well this cd gets my high rating because it was good to walk to; it stayed in the walkman for many an evening walk.

1. Interstate 5 (extended Scopitones version) (8:17)

2. Always The Quiet One (3:22)

3. I’m From Further North Than You (3:31)

4. Mars Sparkles Down On Me (4:16)

5. Ringway To Seatac (2:43)

6. Don’t Touch That Dial (Pacific Northwest Version) (6:20)

7. It’s For You (3:18)

8. Larry’s (3:41)

9. Queen Anne (4:07)

10. Perfect Blue (5:31)



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