Lost & Found: Flirt 1

Nothing remains lost forever… or at least you can hope.

I originally intended to post this on Valentines Day but only managed to find it’s companion disc, Flirt 2.

Well… better late then never.


Various Artists – Flirt 1 (2003)

Playing time: 49:17



1. Koala – Feels Like Yer Falling In Love (Again) (5:15)
2. Eskimos – Jealousy (3:23)
3. Mark Gardener – See What You Get (3:38)
4. Shermans – Impatient Blank (2:44)
5. Marlboro Chorus – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (4:48)
6. Metrovavan – Waltz of the Noctambulist (3:13)
7. Of Montreal – Sad Love (3:26)
8. Snow Fairies – Firefly (2:29)
9. The Positions – It’s Ok, It’s Alright (2:42)
10. Einstein’s Sister – Everything (5:10)
11. Moses – Beautiful Gun (3:37)
12. Tenki – Love Sick (5:33)
13. Utah Carol – Find A Way (3:19)


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In News You Missed This Week

In News You Missed This Week

To celebrate Bikini Kill frontwoman and key figure in the riot grrrl movement, Kathleen Hanna’s recent performance at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre Boston Mayor Marty Walsh proclaimed that April 9, 2015 is now officially “Riot Grrrl Day” in Boston.

The full text of his proclamation:


The riot grrrl philosophy has never felt more relevant, with misogyny still rampant in many cultural spaces;” and “Riot grrrls redefine the language used against them and continue to fight the newest incarnations of patriarchy. In doing so, they ironically confirm one ex-congressman’s accidental wisdom: ‘the female body has ways to try to shut that down.’ It sure does: women’s voices telling their stories can shut that down.”


While Punk had been popular since the mid 1970’s by the late 1980’s it hadn’t, as yet, produced a popular female fronted group… but that was about to change.

The beginning of the ‘90s saw most of the music world’s attention beginning to focus on Seattle’s burgeoning music scene but an hour south of Seattle in Olympia WA, and centered around Evergreen College, another music scene was beginning to take shape. 

Overshadowed by Seattle, but no less noisy, this music scene was built by, built for, and built around Women, their bands and a sub-genre of Punk dubbed Riot Grrrl.

Riot grrrls weren’t afraid of volume, impoliteness and the hounds of political correctness. They had a message, and they wanted to say it as loud as possible.

In 1991 the riot grrrl manifesto was published in the pages of BIKINI KILL ZINE 2.

Two of the seminal riot grrrl groups were Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. Started in 1991 by University of Oregon students Allison Wolfe and Molly Neuman Bratmobile would break-up publicly on stage in 1994, reform in 1998 and break-up again in 2003.

Bikini Kill formed in Olympia, WA, in 1990 with Kathleen Hanna (vocals), Billy Karren (guitar), Kathi Wilcox (bass) and Tobi Vail (drums).

Noted for their fiery live performances and notorious for its radical feminist lyrics the band while occasionally

collaborating with high-profile acts such as Nirvana and Joan Jett 

was better known for shunning both the major record labels and the mainstream rock press. In 1997 after releasing two full length albums, several EPs and two compilations the band called it quits. Hanna would then go on to produce the lo-fi solo project The Julie Ruin and the band Le Tigre.

In 2015 riot grrrl bands and their philosophy don’t receive the kind of press coverage that they received 25 years ago but


The riot grrrl philosophy, aesthetic and legacy continues to influence art today including a slew of new female punk projects like The Barbazons, Slutever and others.




bikini kill




Revolution Girl Style Now! (Cass) (Self Released) 1991 Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear  Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth (LP, Split, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1992
Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear  Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth (Cass,
LP, Split) Catcall 1993
Pussy Whipped (CD, LP) Kill Rock Stars 1993
Pussy Whipped (LP) Wiiija Records 1993
The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records (
CD, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1994 
Reject All American (
CD, LP, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1996
Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth (LP) Kill Rock Stars 2004

Singles & EPs:

Bikini Kill (12″) Kill Rock Stars 1992
New Radio +2 (7″) Kill Rock Stars 1993
Peel Sessions  (7″) Not On Label 1993
I Like Fucking / I Hate Danger (
7″, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1995
The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation (
7″, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1995
Team Dresch / Bikini Kill –
Spring Tour 1996 (7″) Banda Bonnot 1996
Bikini Kill (12″) Kill Rock Stars 2004
New Radio +2 (
7″, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 2009


The Singles (CD, MP3) Kill Rock Stars 1998 


“Rebel Girl”  Kill Rock Stars 2008 Sampler (CD) Kill Rock Stars 2008 
“New Radio” 
20 Years Of Kill Rock Stars (MP3) Kill Rock Stars 2011  

Singles & EPs:

“Suck My Left One” There’s A Dyke In The Pit (7″) HARP Records 1994
“Suck My Left One”
There’s A Dyke In The Pit (7″) Outpunk Records 1994


“Feels Blind” Kill Rock Stars (CD, LP) Kill Rock Stars 1991
“Daddy’s L’il Girl” 
Give Me Back (LP) Ebullition Records 1991
“Candy” Throw – The Yoyo Studio Compilation (
CD, LP) Yoyo Recordings 1992
“New Radio” 
Some Songs: From The Kill Rock Stars Singles (CD) Kill Rock Stars 1997
“Capri Pants” 
The Record Shop – 30 Years Of Rough Trade Shops (2xCD) V2 Records, Inc. 2006
“Feels Blind”
Rock Stars: Summer in Olympia, 1991 (LP) Kill Rock Stars 2011
“Rebel Girl” Up To D.A.T (CD) Mad’s Collectif  Unknown

Writing & Arrangement:

“Rebel Girl” Lynyrd’s Innards / Nation Of Wenonah (Split 10″) What Else? Records 1996 
Lutefisk –
Burn In Hell Fuckers! (LP) Bong Load Records 1996
“Rebel Girl” Wynona Riders, The – How To Make An American Quit (CD) Cold Front Records 1999
“In Accordance To Natural Law” Los Campesinos! – My Year In Lists (
7″, Digital) Wichita 2008
“Double Dare Ya”
More Than Music, Volume 1 (7″) Stonehenge Records 2009
“Jet Ski” Iron Chic – (Cosmic) Future (7″) Yo-Yo Records  2011

  The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records

Playing Time: 30:52

bikini kill - the c.d. version of the first two records

1. Double Dare Ya (2:40)
2. Liar (2:35)
3. Carnival (1:30)
4. Suck My Left One (2:24)
5. Feels Blind (3:21)
6. Thurston Hearts The Who (3:45)
7. White Boy (2:26)
8. This Is Not A Test (1:59)
9. Don’t Need You (1:27)
10. Jigsaw Youth (1:55)
11. Resist Psychic Death (1:40)
12. Rebel Girl (2:47)
13. Outta Me (2:23)


Buy The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records from Kill Rock Stars


Buy The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records from Interpunk



Double Dare Ya









Pottymouth (CD, LP, Digital) Kill Rock Stars 1992
Ladies, Women And Girls  (
CD, LP, Digital) Lookout! Records 2000
Girls Get Busy (
CD, LP, Digital) Lookout! Records 2002

Singles & EPs:

Brainiac / Bratmobile Live (7″) Twelve-Vex-Twelve 1992 
Kiss And Ride (7″) Homestead Records 1992
Heavens To Betsy / Bratmobile – My Secret / Cool Schmool (7″) K 1992
Bratmobile / Tiger Trap – Throwaway / Words And Smiles (7″) Four Letter Words 1992 
Bratmobile / Veronica Lake – Working Holiday (May) (7″) Simple Machines Records 1993
Peel Session (CD EP) Dutch East India Trading (US) 1994
Peel Session (CD EP) Strange Fruit (UK) 1994
The Real Janelle (CD EP, 12″) Kill Rock Stars 1994



“Punk Rock Dream Come True” International Pop Underground Convention (CD, 2xLP, Digital) K 1992
“Bitch Theme”  Julep – Another Yoyo Studio Compilation (
CD, LP) Yoyo Recordings  1993
“90’s Nomad”
Lookout! Freakout, Episode 2 (CD) Lookout! Records 2001
“I’m In The Band”
Lookout! Freakout Episode 3 (CD) Lookout! Records 2003 
20 Years Of Kill Rock Stars (MP3) Kill Rock Stars 2011


“Girl Germs”  Kill Rock Stars (CD, LP) Kill Rock Stars 1991
Throw – The Yoyo Studio Compilation (CD) Yoyo Recordings 1992
“She Said” Neapolitan Metropolitan (3×7″) Simple Machines Records 1992
“There’s No Other Way”
Teenbeat 100 (7″) 1993 
“There’s No Other Way”
Wakefield. The TeenBeat Boxed Set (4xCD) Teenbeat 1995
“There’s No Other Way”
Wakefield. The TeenBeat Story/Vol. 4/1985-1995/February 23rd, 1985 (CD) Teenbeat 1995
“Eating Toothpaste” Girls Kick Ass (
CD, LP) Vitaminepillen Records 2001 
“Kiss And Ride” 
Yo-Yo A Go-Go 1999 (CD) Yoyo Recordings 2001  
“Gimme Brains”
Plea For Peace / Take Action (CD) Sub City Records 2001  
“Kill And Ride” Songs For Cassavetes – An All Ages Film (A Film By Justin Mitchell) (
CD, Digital) Better Looking Records 2001 
“Gimme Brains” Boys Lie: A Bunch Of Punk Rock Girl Bands!! (CD) Lookout! Records 2001
“I’m In The Band” Then Is The New Now (CD) Lookout! Records 2005
“Girl Germs”
Kill Rock Stars (LP) Kill Rock Stars 2011


“Polaroid Baby” Big Songs for Little Attention Spans, Volume 2 (Digital) 2004
“Eating Toothpaste”
Be On The Lookout! (9xFile, MP3) Lookout! Records 2009  
Kill Rock Stars Best Sampler Ever (Digital) Kill Rock Stars 2010 


 Ladies, Women and Girls

Playing Time: 31:55

1. Eating Toothpaste (2:26)
2. Gimme Brains (2:16)
3. It’s Common (But We Don’t Talk About It) (2:16)
4. Not In Dog Years (1:53)
5. You’re Fired (2:51)
6. Cheap Trick Record (1:40)
7. In Love With All My Lovers (2:06)
8. 90’s Nomad (2:10)
9. Well You Wanna Know What? (3:26)
10. Flavor Of The Month Club (2:35)
11. Affection Training (1:56)
12. Do You Like Me Like That? (2:37)
13. Come Hither (2:28)
14. Girlfriends Don’t Keep (1:15)


Buy Ladies, Women and Girls from Amazon.com


Buy Ladies, Women and Girls from Interpunk



Eating Toothpaste





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Valentine Day Addendum: Flirt 2

Woops! I intended to include this album in last Saturdays Valentine Day post. Somehow I forgot about it. And try as I might I wasn’t able to find an album cover. Not only couldn’t I find an album cover I also couldn’t find my copy of Flirt 1 which records show I have… somewhere. Eventually, it will turn-up and become the subject of another post.

Various – Flirt 2 (2003)

Playing Time: 57:33

1. Velocity Girl – It’s All Alright By Me (2:48)
2. Tolchock Trio – Treble 5 (5:27)
3. Chrash – I Don’t Want To Get Over You (3:53)
4. Fashion Flesh – Fake Neck Braces (3:43)
5. Brave Captain – Love Will See Us Through (4:23)
6. Turnerjoy – Untitled (6:20)
7. Paula Kelley – I Like You In That Way (6:38)
8. The Spirtes – (I Go Crazy 3:33)
9. Driver of the Year – It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (4:46)
10. The Danglers – Eating Myself (Live at Martyr’s) (6:38)
11. Cinerama –  Your Charms (3:38)
12. Seth Knappen – – I Only Have Eyes For You (5:46)

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Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Did you, once again, forget the heart shaped box of chocolates, the stuffed Teddy bear, the roses, the jewelry, or just a card. Well… there is always the “Gift of Music.” Good luck with that.

For myself, it won’t be love keeping me warm today, it will be once again shoveling snow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


OOH Do I Love You (Disc 1)


ooh do i love you (cd1)

1. The Promise Ring w/ Tim Kinsella – Ooh Do I Love You mp3
   2. Sarge – Dear Josie Love Robin
   3. Supporting Actress – Capsella Love
   4. Punjab – Exit: Love Blinders
   5. Jerkwater – The Love You Save
   6. Cinco de Gatos – Driving on Redline 3 Miles and Counting (Love and Rockets)
   7. Side Project – Better Friends (A Lovely Story)
   8. Helen – Love Carousel at 90 Degrees
   9. Hand to Mouth – Soy Sauce Love
  10. Roscoe P Soultrane – Tadzhikistan Love
  11. Palilia – Love of Helen
  12. Gainer – Love is the Substance
  13. Jarbaby – I Love a Parade
  14. Civic – I Love
  15. Marvin Nash – hk Love
  16. Ativin – sLOVEnia
  17. Earl Howitzer – Evol:Love
  18. Arrol/Elmore – Lately How I Love You
  19. Lustreking – Quando Mi Amor


OOH Do I Love You (Disc 1) (Part 1) (Part 2)


OOH Do I Love You (Disc 2)

ooh do i love you (disc 2)


1. The Patrick Dance – All The Cats Love the Dogs
2. The Dismemberment Plan – The Love War
3. Rainer Maria – I Love You, Too
4. Sweater Weather – The Tender Touch of Loving St. Paul
5. Campanula Blue – I Love Kerrazo
6. Speed the Day – You Can’t Hurry Love
7. Hubcap – If you love a song, it will love you back
8. Gilabend – Love Among Seahorse
9. Play Station – EVOL
10. Chester – I Love You, Aaron G.
11. Lanterna – Love Kat
12. Beezus – Love Knot
13. Slavic 747 – Zorlac Love Militia
14. Angie – Songs I Love
15. Rail – Love Song Number Forty Nine
16. Mary Me – A Sample of ____
17. Orange Whip – Before you go, love
18. The Marshfield Chimes – For the Love of Money
19. Braid – Do you Love Coffee?
20. Scary Monsters – Planet Love 2066
21. The Knick’d Rakes (Tim and Mike Kinsella) – Ooh Do I Love You


OOH Do I Love You (Disc 2) (Part 1) (Part 2)


21 Love Songs – A Tribute to The Magnetic Fields

21 love songs - magnetic fields covers

Monica Y Carlos – Yeah Oh Yeah
The American Icons Of Rebellion – Busby Berkeley…
Evripidis & His Tragedies – Time Enough For…
Iji – When The Open Road Is Closing In
Steinbeck – I Think I Need A Heart
Microfilm – The Desperate Things You Made Do
Abrevadero – All My Little Words
Secret Owl Society – 100,000 Fireflies
Tinyfolk – I Don’t Believe You
Manipulator Alligator – Living In An Abandoned…
Fairmount Fair – Why I Cry
James Eric – Crazy For You But (Not That Crazy)
The Brooke – Born On A Train
Redbear – I Don’t Want To Get Over You
Porches – Reno Dakota
A Lime Tree – You & Me & The Moon
Existential Hero – Plant White Roses
Fire Island AK – I Don’t Believe You
Spare Machine – Josephine
S. Joe Hazelwood – Come Back From San Francisco
Your Yellow Dress – Absolutely Cuckoo


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Playing Time: 2 hours 27 minutes 21 seconds


love will tear us apart


1. 10,000 Maniacs – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live) (5:16)
       2. Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:08)
       3. Arcade Fire with U2 – Love Will Tear Us Apart (edit) (3:17)
       4. Bis – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:20)
       5. Boy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (1:32)
       6. Brothers Past – Love Will Tear Us Apart (9:27)
       7. Calexico – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:38)
       8. Carnival of Fools – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:02)
       9. Fall Out Boy – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) (3:22)
       10. Hawksley Workman – Love Will Tear Us Apart (6:30)
       11. Honeyroot – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:50)
       12. In the Nursery – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:54)
       13. Invisible Limits – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:28)
       14. Jah Division – Dub Will Tear Us Apart (4:14)
       15. Jose González – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:04)
       16. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:25)
       17. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Sessions) (3:25)
       18. Kaycee – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Märtini Bros. Mix) (6:19)
       19. Moonspell – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:41)
       20. New Order – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:40)
       21. Nouvelle Vague – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:18)
       22. Paul Young – Love Will Tear Us Apart (live) (3:48)
       23. Prozak for Lovers – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:34)
       24. Shanes – Love Will Tear Us Apart (2:40)
       25. Simple Minds – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:48)
       26. Squarepusher – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:32)
       27. Stanton-Miranda – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:58)
       28. Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Red Version) (3:44)
       29. Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart (red version, Jarboe vocals) (3:53)
       30. The Cure – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:28)
       31. The Frames – Love Will Tear Us Apart (4:48)
       32. The King – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:31)
       33. The String Quartet Tribute – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:40)
       34. The Tea Party – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live) (5:11)
       35. Unbroken – Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:39)
       36. Worm Is Green – Love Will Tear Us Apart. (4:17)


No, I didn’t forget the d/l links. Try the album cover..


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Right Back at You

I had a reader write asking if I’d refresh the links for Trains and Boats and Planes Minimal Star. No sense in just refreshing those links, so you’ll also find refreshed links for The Scene is Now’s The Oily Years (1983-1993) and Thee Speaking Canaries Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged.

Links to my original post & the refreshed download links are found in the album covers.

 trains and boats and planes-minimal star the scene is now- the oily years (1983-1993)  thee speaking canaries - songs for the terrestrially challenged


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Pipeline at 25

So how’s the Winter of 2014-15 treating you? I’m tired of dressing in layers so Spring and warmer weather can’t come soon enough.


In celebration of 25 years of Pipeline!, a two-hour live music show, that has been emanating from WMBR MIT’s radio station since 1989, Boston rock bands reunited for a series of weekend concerts which ran from Sept. 12 to Oct. 12, 2014.

So when did I find out about it? Between Christmas and New Years. Talk about being late for the party!

Except for an occasional Bruins or Red Sox game (with their ticket prices I do mean occasional) I try to avoid going into Boston, but for anyone of those concerts I would have gladly made an exception.

Over the years I’ve posted about many of those same Boston bands that reunited in appreciation for their chance to perform live on Pipeline and so accordingly I’ve refreshed all those posts.

Each album cover links back to my original post where you can find refreshed links for each album.

I may have been late to the party but you don’t have to be.


Pipeline 25 Lineup




pipeline! live boston rock on wmbr threadwaxing space live - the presidential compilation '93 - '94 the dambuilders-tough guy problem
the dambuilders-ruby red the dambuilders-encendedor green magnet school-revisionist
bulkhead-gas giants the dirt merchants-scarified smackmelon-blue hour
buffalo tom-let me come over buffalo tom-big red letter day scarce-deadsexy
scarce-red ep come-don't ask don't tell helium-the dirt of luck
morphine-good orangutang-dead sailor acid blues scruffy the cat-moons of jupiter
birdsongs of the mesozoic-sonic geology mission of burma-vs mission of burma-the horrible truth about burma
mistle-thrush-silt mistle-thrush-super refraction big dipper-slam

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Welcome to 2015



A couple of days late but Happy New Year to all. I hope that this Holiday Season was good to everyone.

To start off the New Year I’ve refreshed the links for the following 2009 posts; Volume 14 – Reading ’95 Special and Rubáiyát: Elektra’s 40th Anniversary, and from 2012, Instant Karma – The Campaign To Save Darfur.

To kick off 2015 check out the artists on 1993’s Volume 6 and Sub-pop’s 2013 Record Store Day sampler.


Volume Six (1993)

Playing time: 78:30



1. Spiritualized – Smiles (Live in the USA) (6:20)
2. © – He Was (5:29)
3. Ultra Vivid Scene – Cut Throat (Remix) (5:13)
4. Senseless Things – Keepsake (Demo) (3:46)
5. That Petrol Emotion – Catch A Fire (Mix 1) (4:32)
6. Björk – One Day (4:52)
7. Saint Etienne – Fake ’88 (4:50)
8. The The – Lip Tripping (Demo) (3:12)
9. Gallon Drunk – Keep Moving On (New Version) (3:38)
10. American Music Club – Love Connection NYC (Demo) (3:51)
11. Belly – White Belly (Demo) (3:26)
12. Killdozer – Working Hard Or Hardly Working (4:00)
13. One Dove – Fallen (The Last Monday Morning At Bobby N’s Remix) (5:24)
14. The Drum Club – One Tribe (Remix) (5:12)
15. Sheep On Drugs – 15 Minutes Of Fame (Remix) (4:37)
16. Fluke – Spacey (4:38)
17. Unmen – Also With You (5:30)


Volume Six (Part 1)  (Part 2)



Terminal Sales Vol. VI: The Silver Ticket  (2013)

Playing time: 65:30



1. Ruby Suns – In Real Life (4:09)
2. Shabazz Palaces – Recollections Of The Wraith (The Helio Sequence Remix) (3:49)
3. Pissed Jeans – Bathroom Laughter (2:40)
4. Survival Knife – Name That Tune (2:50)
5. Low – So Blue (So Young) (4:31)
6. Mudhoney – I Like It Small (3:40)
7. Postal Service – A Tattered Line Of String (2:57)
8. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Radio Eyes (2:06)
9. Shearwater And Sharon Van Etten – A Wake For The Minotaur (3:57)
10. Still Corners – Berlin Lovers (2:35)
11. Baptist Generals – Dog That Bit You (3:44)
12. Condominium – Show Them (1:40)
13. Rose Windows – Native Dreams (6:19)
14. Metz – Dirty Shirt (2:30)
15. Total Control – Scene From A Marriage (4:07)
16. King Tuff – Screaming Skull (3:53)
17. Father John Misty – Nothing Hurts Worse (4:12)
18. Sera Cahoone – Nervous Wreck (2:15)
19. Daughn Gibson – Lite Me Up (3:36)


Buy Terminal Sales Vol. VI: The Silver Ticket 


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