In Heavy Rotation

Talk about falling into a rut! For the last month, whether because of laziness, or maybe I thought that they’d provide the answers to the secrets of the Universe, these three albums, Dawnrazor, The Essential Radio Birdman and Crickets And Fireflies were my constant musical companions on my daily walk. 

No matter how you like your music, the straight with chaser punk and rock n’ roll of Radio Birdman, the throat shredding Goth of Fields of the Nephilim or the psychedelic noodling of Kinski, Paik and Surface Of Eceyon this post likely has something to suit your musical tastes.

Rock Steady!


Fields of the Nephilim – Dawnrazor (1987)

Playing time: 58:14


fields of the nephilim - dawnrazor


1. Intro (The Harmonica Man) 1:59
2. Slow Kill 3:40
3. Laura II 4:37
4. Preacher Man 4:46
5. Volcane 5:01
6. Vet for the Insane 6:50
7. Secrets 3:33
8. Dust 4:21
9. Reanimator 2:56
10. Power 4:33
11. The Tower 5:37
12. Dawnrazor 7:09
13. The Sequel 3:12


Buy Dawnrazor at



Radio Birdman – The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978) (2001)

Playing time: 71:01


1. Aloha Steve and Danno 4:00
2. Murder City Nights 2:25
3. New Race 2:45
4. Love Kills 3:46
5. Descent Into the Maelstrom 4:26
6. Burn My Eye ’78 1:37
7. I-94 3:38
8. Anglo Girl Desire 3:11
9. Hand of Law 4:48
10. Snake 3:09
11. Do the Pop 2:36
12. Non-Stop Girls 2:44
13. What Gives- 2:28
14. Man With the Golden Helmet 5:40
15. Hanging On 3:40
16. Crying Sun 2:57
17. Smith & Wesson Blues 2:57
18. Time To Fall 3:14
19. Alone In the Endzone 2:09
20. Breaks In My Heart (live) 2:55
21. More Fun (live) 2:00
22. Dark Surprise (live) 3:56


(Part 1)  (Part 2)


Buy The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978) at



Kinski •  Paik •  Surface Of Eceyon ‎– Crickets And Fireflies (2004)
Playing Time: 70:49



1. Kinski – Keep Clear of Me I Am Maneuvering With Difficulty (20:08)
2. Paik – Spanish Holiday (13:49)
3. Paik – Eva (6:57)
4. Surface of Eceyon – Concert of Stars (29:55)


(Part 1)  (Part 2)


 Crickets and Fireflies is available from these sellers at


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April 19th is Record Store Day

Tomorrow  is Record Store Day.

I use to buy a lot of records, two a week for nearly 10 years. Today I’m lucky if I buy 10 a year. Hell, even my kids have stopped giving me records as Christmas presents.… now how sad is that?

So tomorrow, I’ll make it a point (over my wife’s complaints of “don’t you have enough records already!”) to visit my local record store and purchase a record or two.

So get out there and support your local record store. You can find a local participating store here,



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Video Killed the Radio Star

While normally this isn’t a video blog I came across these two videos which I thought I’d share, as much for the visuals as for the music. Forever Lost, by the Irish band, God Is An Astronaut is the soundtrack that accompanies Christopher M. Georgia’s Light of the Night.

I “discovered” Public Service Broadcasting’s Everest after downloading NPR Music’s Austin 100. Further research about the group lead me to their video.

Enjoy the trips!

Light Of The Night from Christopher Georgia on Vimeo.

Forever Lost is from the album All Is Violent, All Is Bright available at



Everest is from the album Inform Educate Entertain available at

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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I’m sure that you’ve all heard that expression at some time in your life and at the beginning of this year I had every intention of posting more in 2014 then I had in 2013…and yet here it is February 22 and my first post of the year is a re-run.

You can thank Rob for that because he wrote and asked me to refresh the links for The Adverts The Wonders Don’t Care.

Well as long as I was doing that I also refreshed the links for Die Toten Hosen’s Learning English – Lesson 1 and Mass. Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83) which are also part of my original 2008 post.


The Adverts – The Wonders Don’t Care



Die Toten Hosen – Learning English – Lesson 1



DIY: Mass Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83)



You can find my original 2008 post and the new download links here.

And thank Rob for finally getting me off my butt.


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2014: Ready or Not Here We Come

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

For my part I hope to do more original posts in 2014 while still continuing to refresh the links to past posts … but on that note I’ve chosen to begin 2014 by refreshing the links to posts that have recently seen lots of traffic.

From 2008:

Knapsack – Silver Sweepstakes

knapsack-silver sweepstakes photo 4e351631.jpg

Sarge – Distant

sarge-distant photo af55d7a2.jpg

Small 23 – True Zero Hook

small 23-true zero hook photo 32d769da.jpg

From 2009:

The Jesus Lizard


jesus lizard-lash cover photo jesuslizard-lashcover.jpg


 jesus lizard-liar cover photo jesuslizard-liarcover.jpg

 From 2010:

Half String – Eclipse*Oval* Hue

 photo halfstringeclipseovalhue.jpg 

From 2011:

Moose – …XYZ

 photo moosexyz.jpg


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Ho Ho Ho

Happy Holidays


Ho ho ho… here it is two days before Christmas and I feel compelled to post at least one more time before the New Year. Yes, no need to remind me that I missed posting in November.

The foundation for this post was laid when the mailman delivered issue #73 of The Big Takeover at the end of November.

For those unfamiliar with The Big Takeover it’s only published only twice a year and has been a 30+ year labor of love for Editor-in-Chief Jack Rabid.

Several years ago Jack was featured in a video as part of Ogilvy & Mather’s Create or Else documentary series, so if you like the music here at Old Fart at Play check out Jack and check out The Big Takeover.


Create or Else: Jack Rabid


In the latest issue of The Big Takeover  Jack interviews the members of early ’80s U.K post-punk pioneers Sad Lovers & Giants and at #15 of his Top 40 records of the last six months is the release of a deluxe edition of Mega City Four’s Sebastopol Rd.

You can read my original 2009 post about Mega City Four and refreshed links to, the original version, of Sebastopol Rd. and Soulscraper here.

You can also read my 2008 post and find refreshed links to Sad Lovers & Giants Headlands and Treehouse Poetry here.

Like you I’ve done my fair share of downloading so here are three Sad Lovers & Giants albums which I downloaded. You’ll notice that Track 1, “Ours to Kill” on The Mirror Test has been struck out. That’s because the only version of this album I found was missing that track. Maybe one of you can find that track and send it to me!

In closing let me wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.


Epic Garden Music (1982)

Playing Time: 59:58


1. Imagination (5:41)
2. Landslide (3:01)
3. When I see You (3:18)
4. Colourless Dream (4:47)
5. Things We Never Did (4:08)
6. Lost in A moment (4:19)
7. The Tightrope touch (5:19)
8. Echoplay (2:57)
9. Clocktower Lodge (4:18)
10. Clint (3:29)
11. Lope (3:50)
12. Cloud 9 (3:24)
13. ART (By Me) (2:56)
14. Alice (Isn’t Playing) (3:45)
15. Far From the Sea (4:46)


Buy Epic Garden Music from


Feeding The Flame (1983)

Playing Time: 66:18



1. Imagination (6:24)
2. Cow Boys (5:36)
3. 3 Lines (3:14)
4. Big Tracks Little Tracks (3:31)
5. On Another Day (5:00)
6. Sleep (Is For Everyone) (5:05)
7. Vendetta (4:36)
8. Man Of Straw (6:19)
9. Close To The Sea (4:46)
10. Strange Orchard (6:11)
11. Burning Beaches (4:10)
12. Your Skin And Mine (5:25)
13. In Flux (6:01)


Buy Feeding the Flame from


The Mirror Test (1987)

Playing Time: 58:03


1. Ours To Kill (4:43)
2. White Russians (5:15)
3. Take Seven (1:17)
4. Seven Kinds Of Sin (5:07)
5. The Green Years (4:26)
6. A Map Of My World (3:32)
7. The Outsider (4:04)
8. Cuckooland (4:09)
9. Return To Clocktower Lodge (4:06)
10. Wire Lawn (4:02)
11. House of Clouds (6:13)
12. Summer And Smoke (4:48)
13. Life Under Glass (6:21)


Buy The Mirror Test from


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